I don't want to be Uncle Grumpy but

  wee eddie 02:23 18 May 2015

Could we not make the Euro vision Song Contest like the Olympics

Once every 4 years

  theDarkness 02:49 18 May 2015

No way. The Eurovision is the best on tv when it comes to comedy XD

  mole1944 05:59 18 May 2015

I'm with wee eddie on this one although it's only yearly i propose every 10 years,and i don't bother with dross like that but each to his own.

  hastelloy 07:51 18 May 2015

Perhaps we could do the same with football - just 1 match every 5 years?

  Pine Man 08:27 18 May 2015

just 1 match every 5 years?

Why that often?

  morddwyd 08:38 18 May 2015

Be like me, ignore it.

I wasn't even aware it was coming up until this thread!

Now if you were talking about Formula 1.................!

  HondaMan 09:12 18 May 2015

I'm with morddwyd. These days I cannot be bothered to watch it. Our entry is always well down the votes, now whether that is due to the song, the singer(s) or the politics of the other countries I do not know, but will leave that for speculation of the learned members of this forum.

  Pine Man 11:00 18 May 2015

I was PRIVILEGED, yes privileged, to have front row seats for the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest at Brighton.

That was the year that Abba won with Waterloo and it really was a spectacular show and very entertaining and I got to meet virtually all of the contestants, including Olivia Newton John, before the show.

A really great event and nothing at all like the present day, which leaves me cold.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:00 18 May 2015

Eurovision Song Contest

Every Song Crap

  Belatucadrus 11:46 18 May 2015

Actually the formula 1 idea isn't bad, forget the tedious live coverage and boring travelogue clips, just do a potted highlights and the final scoring, get the whole boring farrago done in half an hour.

  onthelimit1 11:50 18 May 2015

'including Olivia Newton John, before the show'

Ah, now you're talking!

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