I Don't Want to be Reached Out To.

  morddwyd 10:29 24 Jan 2018

My local council wants a contact number so that they cab reach out to me.

I don't want to be reached out to, I just wan to know why my bin hasn't been emptied for more than two months.

  alanrwood 11:02 24 Jan 2018

Why not phone them and ask why. It is a health hazard.

  Cymro. 11:32 24 Jan 2018

This bin business is getting out of hand. With just the two of us at our house these days for us it is no problem. But at least two houses in our street had filled up their usual bin and so had used black plastic bags for the rest of their rubbish. The bags had been carefully and neatly tied with ne mess or problem to anyone. But still the bin men left the plastic bags where they found them. By this morning the cats, dogs, seagulls etc. have broken in to the black bags and strewn the rubbish all over the place. Local authorities need the cooperation of the public if they want this recycling business to succeed. This was not the way to get that corporation.

  morddwyd 12:23 24 Jan 2018

Why not phone them and ask why. It is a health hazard.

Because they have a "contact direct" website, which I have used, twice.

This is the response. If I could have used the phone I would have done so.

However, you are commenting on the specifics rather than the generic! It could just as easily be a bus pass problem.

What's with this "reaching out"?

  alanrwood 14:03 24 Jan 2018

Never heard of a contact direct website being the only way to contact the local council. My council has one but it also has a phone number and my local councillor's details.

I agree that local councils are doing their best to cut down on anything they provide by restricting services. In my area they introduced a charge of £35 per green bin (ie garden waste which is recyclable). I have a large lawn and in summer I need 3 bins simply to take the grass cuttings for the two week cycle. In the year there are 18 green bin collections so I am being charged £6 for each collection whether I have 3 full bins or not. Thank goodness they have a statutory legal requirement to collect black bins. I would consider pointing that out to your local council/councillor.

  lotvic 14:39 24 Jan 2018

"Reaching out" apparently means 'contact'. Presumably the council want your number so they can phone you.

  oresome 14:43 24 Jan 2018

reach out to somebody phrasal verb

to show people that you are interested in them and want to listen to them

So from that definition it seems they may offer a sympathetic ear, but whether it leads to getting your bin emptied is another story.

  Forum Editor 17:02 24 Jan 2018

I absolutely loathe this obsession with 'reaching out'. In this context it's a euphemism for 'pester you'.

It's used a lot in the commercial world - people are always asking for my contact details, so they can reach out to me. I resist, because I'm pestered quite enough, thank you. We have spawned a generation of people who constantly use these stupid jargon terms - they are either doing some blue sky thinking, or they're running something up the flagpole so they can see if their ducks are in a row before they have a thought shower and touch base with me.

I want none of it. If I attend a meeting (thought shower) I want plain speaking, not a load of clever dicks showing off.

  Belatucadrus 17:19 24 Jan 2018

Jargon speak performs only one function, it hides the fact that the user in question doesn't actually have anything worth saying to contribute to the discussion but still wants their payslip at the end of the month and are furiously hoping that the gullible will equate volumes of hot extra verbose air with pearls of wisdom. Sad thing is it often works.

  BT 17:41 24 Jan 2018

Every time I pick up my Prescription the Pharmacist asks if I want them to Text me when its ready. I tell them I don't give out my Mobile number to all and sundry and that they can send me a 'Voice Text' via my landline which they already have the number for. Last time she said that there may be a charge for this, but I know there's not and the service is included with my Virgin contract - I've checked - its FREE - and it works and records on my answering machine.

I do this because I only have a Basic mobile not a Smartphone and its not kept switched on when I'm at home as its not necessary.

  morddwyd 20:12 24 Jan 2018

My council has one but it also has a phone number and my local councillor's details.

So does mine but I cab't use it?

I don't normally contact my councillor on routine day to day matters until I have exhaust infernal procedures.

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