I don't belieeeeve it

  SparkyJack 15:08 15 May 2012

Having ordered some heavy kit from a B&Q partner I received a phone call giving delivery date and asking me to confirm that their large vehicle could access the road.

To which I confirmed this is so.

Yesterday when I returned home- I was unable to get onto my drive because a flatbed truck was parked across it whilst the driver was strapping a large sign to the adjacent lamp post- so I stopped opposite whilst he finished.

He apologised as he completed the task and made to drive off.

The sign road --- 'Major Gas Works in xxxxx Road

As the due delivery is still two weeks hence - what's the betting?

  Woolwell 15:18 15 May 2012

The announcement of any road closures should be in your local paper and that should give how long the work will take. Alternatively your council will have this information.

  Aitchbee 15:56 15 May 2012

Why not phone up the supplier and ask them to delay the delivery date, explaining to them the unforeseen problem with access to your address.

  SparkyJack 16:04 15 May 2012

Th ank you Both I intend to check out work start and duration The suoolier will contact me a day or so prior to confirm So wait and see I guess

  spuds 17:24 15 May 2012

I live on a busy 'T' junction, and seven weeks ago we were told that the council would commence making pavement improvements and it would take four weeks to complete. The four weeks are now up, and by the look of things it going to last another week or more to possible completion?.

Rain did stop play a couple of days, plus they laid some hot asphalt on a water-stream and the next day it lifted, hence extra time for rebuilding that mistake. But overhaul, they seem a good bunch of happy lad's.

  spuds 17:29 15 May 2012

Perhaps I should have mentioned, three/four years ago, we had a major gasline replacement project that went on a few months, because it covered a wide area. The lad's (Gas Alliance) on the job were on bonus, and got stuck in, with very few obstructions or delays.

  morddwyd 20:30 15 May 2012

Remember my thread of a few months back when I arrived home with a distressed disabled wife, to find BT had laid cables across my drive, and they told me I would have to "park up and wait"?

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