" I cant Buy it "

  jakimo 17:04 13 May 2010

Ive just clicked on an EBAY "BUY IT NOW" item and got the following response.......

You must be pre-approved by the seller to
participate in this listing

has anyone else come across this before?

  Woolwell 17:11 13 May 2010

Yes - when I was brand new to ebay and I didn't have rating. The seller only wants to sell to those he or she thinks have a good reputation for paying. You may be able to e-mail the seller to gain approval.

  jakimo 17:25 13 May 2010

My rating are very high as a buyer are very high,and Ive never sold anything on Ebay so it cant be that

  Woolwell 17:40 13 May 2010

See this click here - listing with special bidding requirements.

  jakimo 17:47 13 May 2010

Thank you for your link,but the bid I won this morning was exaccly the same way Ive been bidding since 1994

  Woolwell 17:53 13 May 2010

Contact the seller iaw the link.

  ronalddonald 17:56 13 May 2010

If you cant get it shop somewhere else!

  ronalddonald 17:57 13 May 2010

I must say its a bit weired the seller is looking for your credit ratings as this infringes you as she isn't registered to do so

  Woolwell 18:09 13 May 2010

They aren't looking at your credit ratings.

  jakimo 18:10 13 May 2010

I should have added that all my purchases were paid for on day winning the bid,and preferably by Paypal if acceptable to the seller....what I dont no is if Paypal had ever been slow on paying out

  Woolwell 18:36 13 May 2010

It's nothing to do with your payment. I read it as they don't want time wasters. Just contact the seller and ask to be added as an approved buyer.

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