I can't believe what I've just seen

  Colin 19:27 26 Jun 2006

This is not about football, but about priorities.
The main news story on the 7pm news on ITV was about Michael Owen being injured and not playing in the world cup. There were far more important stories after that article that should have warranted a higher profile. It's the same if a "celebrity" is in the news. The news, mainly ITV, portray it as more important than things that affect people directly. Have we lost our sense of propprtion or is the "media" thinking for us?

  SG Atlantis® 19:45 26 Jun 2006

"Have we lost our sense of proportion or is the "media" thinking for us?"

Yes and yes again.

  anskyber 19:47 26 Jun 2006

Watch BBC instead.

  SG Atlantis® 19:52 26 Jun 2006

Or just get your news feed online.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:28 26 Jun 2006

From the BBC.

  Colin 20:51 26 Jun 2006

I do prefer BBC News to ITV, but the BBC aren't exactly blameless. At least they're not held to ransom by advertisers like ITV. This reminds me of someone else's thread about the licence fee, but I think that one ran its course!

  Pamy 20:58 26 Jun 2006

Priority all wrong. I mist Emmerdale, Corry and Heartbeat

  jaritch 10:32 27 Jun 2006


Don't know about heartbeat which I thought had stopped beating years ago. But aren't Emmerdale, and Corrie and all the rest of the soaps repeated about 1000 times during the week?

It's great to see something else taking the priority over soaps even if it is only every four years.

Got to go ITV are leading with Rooney breaking a finger nail.

  silverous 11:28 27 Jun 2006

Is it just a reflection of going for a common denominator (careful not to use the word 'lowest' there) ? Something has to go first and this is their choice...

Maybe their assessment is that the bulk of their viewers are more interested in football at the time of the world cup than other world issues.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:52 27 Jun 2006

There may be more 'important' issues than Owen being a tad off colour and wussy but many people are not interested in the 'burning issues' of the day. This is why the Sun outsells the Telegraph many times over and absolutely dire TV shows such as the abysmal brain cereal rubbish that Noel Edmunds hosts, have many times larger audiences than current affairs programmes such as Panorama or Newsnight.

To be brutally honest the progress of the road widening scheme near me is of much more interest to me than whatever is going on in Iraq/Afghanistan.


  rmcqua 12:39 27 Jun 2006

I agree with a lot of this thread, especially Colin and GANDALF <|:-)> comments.
I do find it a sad reflection on us (the British public) that the media should find it necessary to feed us in this way. Unfortunately, we have only ourselves to blame, because this is what we appear to prefer!

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