I Can Turn the Television Off

  morddwyd 09:35 25 May 2017

For a couple of weeks.

I've already posted my vote, so all the pontificating won't have the slightest effect now!

  Old Deuteronomy 10:00 25 May 2017

Just don't watch the news... Oh, wait, there isn't much else worth watching.

  john bunyan 10:01 25 May 2017

I'll join you. I wish there were separate channels for sport and politics.

  Brumas 10:34 25 May 2017

john bunyan, echo that!!

  Cymro. 12:26 25 May 2017

I'll join you. I wish there were separate channels for sport and politics. john bunyan

Yes plus a BBC Sports chanel

  oresome 13:38 25 May 2017

Actually, I don't think we have a TV that we can fully turn off without unplugging at the mains socket, which is often inaccessible.

Turn them off for too long and the programme guide isn't populated and there's a queue of software updates waiting to be actioned.

But getting back to the main point, there's dozens of channels even on Freeview plus the catch-up services. I can't say that I've seen much in the way of political shows this time round yet.

We have been viewing Hinterland and the jury programme on CH4. Both get recorded and are watched after the actual broadcast, so don't give me any spoilers!

I know many programmes can be got on catch-up, but I prefer to record them so that I can skip the adds and add subtitles if I have difficulty hearing the dialogue.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:02 25 May 2017

separate channels for

sport - sky sports ;0)

and politics. BBC Parliament

The rest just show reality TV and repeats with the odd decent program now and again.

No wonder on demand TV is doing so well.

  Forum Editor 17:34 25 May 2017

"...all the pontificating won't have the slightest effect now!"

There will be plenty, of that we can be sure. The campaigning resumes with a vengeance tomorrow, and with only 13 days before we vote, there's going to be some serious electioneering.

  Aitchbee 17:47 25 May 2017

I watch the progress of golf tournaments in schematic form on the internet. Golfer on first tee has driven 257yds into the left rough. 50yds to hole.

Who needs TV?

  Govan1x 18:27 25 May 2017

All you have to do is turn the computer off for a couple of weeks as well.

Then the lack of noise might be deafening.

  Quickbeam 22:04 25 May 2017

I've just voted too.

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