I bet they weren't expecting that.

  bumpkin 14:33 07 Jul 2018

Novichok on a discarded fag end.

  Quickbeam 14:57 07 Jul 2018

As mysterious as the Castro exploding cigar plot....

  bremner 18:54 07 Jul 2018

I always take, the wild speculation of “Craig” aged 38 from Wiltshire at face value over the experts who have said Novichok could not have survived in the air since the initial incident.

  bumpkin 20:08 07 Jul 2018

Well I shall certainly be more careful in future, I intend to save up for a new packet from a local shop.

  bumpkin 20:19 07 Jul 2018

* Novichok could not have survived in the air*

It wasn't in the air

  bremner 07:00 08 Jul 2018

"In the air" - it would have been clearer if I had said "open to the air".

Experts have said to have become inflected from the same source as before that source would almost certainly have had to have been in a sealed container.

  bumpkin 13:16 08 Jul 2018

Cutious then, will we ever be told what is going on or are there reasons for not telling us.

  lotvic 13:51 08 Jul 2018

'They' can't tell us what they do not yet know; I think that would explain why they are not telling us.

  bremner 12:52 09 Jul 2018

Head of Counter Terrorism has said this morning “"This means they must have got a high dose, and our hypothesis is that they must have handled a container that we are now seeking."

  john bunyan 13:57 09 Jul 2018

A bit pedantic, but clearly in the Skripal's case it was attempted murder. In the case of this unfortunate lady , there was no intent, so maybe manslaughter by gross negligence is more appropriate?

  wee eddie 14:06 09 Jul 2018

Prosecute with the HSE. Incorrect disposal of Hazardous Substances. It should have gone in the Blue Bin!

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