I Belong To Glasgow

  Condom 12:54 15 Oct 2008

As an old and ex Glaswegian I had to look twice at the news report last night which said that Glasgow was now in the top 10 cities of the world and the only one from the UK. At first I thought I was reading a report about dear old Glasgow from the 19th Century, when it was the second city of the old Empire, but no this was a new report. If Glasgow can do this then there is hope for everyone.

  The Brigadier 13:05 15 Oct 2008

May be when partition happens you can go back to being a Country in your own right!
After all if the Welsh, Scots & NI have their way the United Kingdom will be broken up!!

  Joe R 17:11 15 Oct 2008

Glasgow being classed along with Beirut. Now that part I feel comfortable with.

This is coming from a Glaswegian.

  Forum Editor 18:15 15 Oct 2008

Would not appear too near the top of the list of things I look for in a Top ten city, and when I was last in Glasgow - about six months ago - the cuisine was obviously on holiday; the place wasn't bursting with good-food guide candidates.

  al's left peg 19:26 15 Oct 2008

Ther's a place called Fleming St that I deliver near up in Glasgow. It makes Somalia look Chic.

  laurie53 20:02 15 Oct 2008

Not a Glaswegian, nor a regular visitor (actually dislike the place), but there is no doubt that Glasgow has turned itself around to a remarkable degree.

I was talking to a "Sloane Ranger" a few months ago, a real Ab Fab Harvey Nick's aficionado and she remarked, "Ah, Glasgow. Now you're talking serious shopping!"

Not the most authoritative source in the world, but a remarkable statement nevertheless.

  Joe R 20:54 15 Oct 2008


the city centre in Glasgow may have had billions of pounds spent on it, to bring it's culture reputation up to scratch, but dare venture into some of the housing schemes, and Beirut may possibly be a safer city.

For me the money spent on almost every city centre, is obscene, when compared to the budget for the housing schemes.

  laurie53 08:14 16 Oct 2008

"but dare venture into some of the housing schemes, and Beirut may possibly be a safer city."

Not only is that probably untrue, but the same could be said of any city, or even small town.

Read some of the crime figures for Tenby, Wrexham, Melton Mowbray and the like.

I can't see how spending large amounts in improving city centres is likely to "deprave or corrupt", which is the meaning of obscene.

  Quickbeam 12:33 16 Oct 2008

in stereotyped nutshell:)
click here

  Condom 13:19 16 Oct 2008

Thanks for that. It brought back old memories but it was a pity the lip-sync was out. The city has certainly changed for the better since its days when I was a boy. Nearly 50% of the worlds shipping was built on the Clyde at one time and that size of industrialisation takes time to sort out. It is a great pity about the state of some of the housing estates but the thinking at the time was to rehouse people quickly after they were bombed out in the war. Things can change both ways as Beirut was considered one of the nicest cities in the world only 40 years ago. There are still more beautiful Victorian buildings and parks in Glasgow then any other place in the UK so it not all doom and gloom.

  Quickbeam 13:38 16 Oct 2008

Maybe the lip-sync problem is down to too many Wee Doch an Doris' click here

As a sassenach in a family of Scots they are all tunes from my youth too. This one was a favourite of my grandfather click here

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