I believe there is a sporting match tonight

  john bunyan 17:14 11 Jul 2018

For soccer fans I hope you enjoy the match. If they win you will be over the moon, if not , gutted. What’s the odds HB?

I wonder which team our Scots friends will support?

  Govan1x 17:45 11 Jul 2018

Scotland of course , But they are not playing.

If you remember right England never qualified for the 1966 game but got through as the Host nation.

And yes they were that bad nobody in their right mind would have backed them to win.

Now saying that when the world cup started so did they. They fought for everything and if a defender or what ever was out of position someone would drop back in his place to cover him.

Like I said they played like a well oiled team.[ No not drunk.]

This team that you have just now is every bit as good or even better.

So yes they can win tonight and on Sunday as long as they keep playing the same sort of football that has got them where they are now.

So lets start with a win tonight.

  martd7 17:51 11 Jul 2018

I think England will win tonight but we cannot afford to play this passing back to the goalkeeper and tippy tappy football in our own area,England were almost caught out twice by Columbia can't be doing that tonight against Croatia,2-1 England my prediction

  john bunyan 17:56 11 Jul 2018


The reason I asked which team is that I understand that when Scotland were out of a rugby cup,, many Scots wore Australian garb when England played Australia. I just mischievously wonder if the tartan army will support Croatia or England tonight !

  Aitchbee 17:57 11 Jul 2018

jb, it's Croatia ~ 3/1 to win, England ~ 6/4 to win. 2/1 a draw. [after 90 mins]

I hope there's lots of goals [as I have done a few 'correct scores] and hope England get through to the final to meet France.

  BT 17:58 11 Jul 2018

Great Tennis match on this afternoon. Federer knocked out in extended 5th set by Anderson.

  Govan1x 18:27 11 Jul 2018

john bunyan

Well I have stayed here for 51 years so maybe a bit englified now.

Obviously something you don't know, it was not just Scotland that did not like to see England win. Neither did the irish or Welsh. Scotland are just a bit more outspoken about it.

I suppose a bit like Man utd and Man City supporters they don't like to see the other team winning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 11 Jul 2018

5 mins in and they are winning.

  Quickbeam 21:38 11 Jul 2018

Ah well...

  john bunyan 21:45 11 Jul 2018

The best team won. Lost count of the number of times England passed the ball back to their goalkeeper

  bumpkin 22:04 11 Jul 2018

Loosing the game was bad enough but loosing me a lot of money is unforgivable:-)

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