I am thinking of getting a smartphone

  bumpkin 21:46 29 Apr 2017

I am a bit out of touch when it comes to phones, just have a basic one. A friend of mine called a taxi for us and looked on his phone to see it's location and arrival time on a map like a satnav. I know they can do many other things as my children have them. What I am unsure of is what would suit me as the prices range from about £50 to hundreds. My existing one as part of my contract with Talktalk has free calls. Would this apply to a new phone or are there other charges.

Any advice welcome.

  Belatucadrus 21:58 29 Apr 2017

I once thought of getting a smartphone, then I did a couple of minutes deep breathing and had a cup of tea. After that I was all back to normal.

( Well as close to normal as I ever get anyway.)

  john bunyan 22:22 29 Apr 2017

I paid £300 for a good used unlocked iPhone 6s from a good local repair guy with a year guarantee. I use a Giffgaff Gaff SIM on a rolling monthly contract with 500 mins, unlimited texts and 2 gig data ( wi fi does not use allowance). Assuming your talk talk sim is a micro one I assume it would work but does the tt package include texts and data?

  hssutton 22:31 29 Apr 2017

I have one, but I only use it as a phone. My son bought it for me as a 80th birthday pressie. Although I've had the phone for a little over 6 months I've never ever sent a text message. Maybe a little over the top for the older generation.

  lotvic 22:57 29 Apr 2017

I've upgraded from a 11 yr old basic nokia 1680 (battery finally done in) to a big screen Moto G4 sim free that I bought from Argos (it came with a free multifit 3 sizes in 1 sim card for Talkmobile which gives (yes really) 60mins phone call for 10p (nothing to do with Talktalk), unfortunately mobile internet allowance is rubbish, but if you only want to make phone calls - that sim's good value.

I didn't use the freebie sim from argos as I've got from Talktalk a free sim as part as my package (so no monthly charge) and I get 200 free mins, free basic texts (don't use the smilies pics in the text as they are chargeable sms), 500MB mobile internet download, etc. (full details on their website). I also bought a micro sd to increase the memory.

It took a bit of configuring so that I don't incur any excess charges over my free limits allowances, but just about got it sussed so that all updating etc is only done when logged on to my home WiFi Talktalk router.

I know find that I'm using it more and more, I like the tracking GPS and other free apps I've got from Google play store. Got some books on there as well as a couple of films and the Camera/Video is super. Stupid thing is I'd never realised (because I'd not thought about it) that Smartphones are just Android tablets with the addition of a sim card for phone calls (and mobile internet access). Simples.

I got the black one with a single sim slot but the white one has dual sim, so you can have separate sims for calls and Data (apparently) - 'you pays your money and takes your choice...'

  bumpkin 23:05 29 Apr 2017

* Assuming your talk talk sim is a micro one I assume it would work but does the tt package include texts and data?*

Sim is not a micro, TT package does include texts and data and is limited but well within my likely usage.

  lotvic 23:13 29 Apr 2017

Typo edit: I know now find

  bumpkin 23:24 29 Apr 2017

lotvic, so what does this thing cost. I have Talktalk with the free limits etc but the last time my daughter used the satnav app on her phone it cost about £6 for a 15 minute drive, that is the sort of thing that concerns me. I am out of touch with this sort of thing which is why I am seeking advice.

  Forum Editor 23:36 29 Apr 2017

I would find it hard to function in business without a smartphone. It has Microsoft Word and Excel installed, the calendar syncs automatically with my office computer, I have a train ticket app (Trainline), so I can book tickets (it remembers my seat preferences and keeps a database of all my train journeys). When I fly anywhere, my boarding pass is sent direct to the phone by the airline.

I can see a met office weather forecast, check my bank and credit card accounts, use an Amazon app to order goods, and do dozens of other things...oh, and I can make/receive calls.

Modern smartphones are technological marvels - as long as I have the phone I don't really need other devices when I'm on the move. I can even use it to see all my business and personal files in the Microsoft Cloud. The phone is password protected, and can be disabled instantly, should I lose it, or have it stolen. A new one will come to me the next day, and all my contact numbers etc. installed to the new phone from my cloud backup.

  LastChip 23:43 29 Apr 2017

To be honest, I would never have got one (I don't think), but my children bought me one as a present. I tend to use it for texts and messaging as well as a mobile phone, but never use it for the Internet.

Previously, I had a Sony (which was rubbish – the ear speaker failed and is a known defect), but now I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 which I'm a lot more happy with.

It really depends on what use you have for a mobile, but I have to admit, the available technology is astonishing.

Would I go back to my old mobile even if it worked properly? Probably not.

  Menzie 00:26 30 Apr 2017

I went with a smartphone in 2007 (Windows Mobile) and haven't looked back since. I have been a fan of Motorola since the first generation Moto G.

I currently have a Motorola G4 Plus and cannot see myself without a smartphone.

It's really convenient to do online banking, it connects to the radio in my car or my wireless headphones and plays all my music. It also allows my car to connect and the Sat Nav in my car gives me traffic updates and alternate routes if there is a delay on one of the preconfigured routes.

My phone tracks appointments, remembers birthdays, anniversaries, automatically tracks my deliveries when I order from Amazon or several other online retailers, I can type documents and put in a digital signature without ever touching my PC, browse the web and I'm never lost as I can navigate anywhere with it.

If you're worried about data usage there are several things you can do:

  1. Set a data limit, this is quite easy to do and once the phone hits that limit in the timeframe determined by you (set it for your billing cycles) it cuts off the data.

  2. Use offline navigation apps which work using downloaded maps and the GPS onboard the phone.

My Mother is in her 70s and I bought her a tablet, she has since learnt how to use Android and then got herself a Samsung Galaxy. She now uses it to shop online, read email, video chat and more. As long as you're willing to play with one and learn you'll love it!

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