I am getting close to installing an AdBlocker

  wee eddie 11:42 10 Nov 2016

Once again I am getting close to installing an AdBlocker.

This is really a warning to FE and PCA. I now have a new PC and an Internet Connection that frequently exceeds 50mbps, so few problems there.

However, some of the background Adverts are so badly written, and take so long to load, that PCA's Forum Entries keep jumping up and down for a considerable period of time, in fact, for longer than it normally takes Windows 10 to boot!

Now I know that PCA makes much of its Income from its Advertising Revenue, so that, perhaps, they might pass this back to the Hot Shots in their Clients Advertising Design Department.

Possibly the solution is to, as it were, reserve the required space, before inhabiting it with the promotional material

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:01 14 Nov 2016

Thanks FE

  Ventad 16:18 16 Nov 2016

For years I have had the problem of just PCA jumping all over the place on the iPad so I downloaded ad blocker plus it worked fine except I found that if I connected to news or other web sites it would not load the first item on the page beit video or other boxed item, so I had to close Adblock .

Today having reset the iPad I went through turn things either on or off and decided to turn off safaris own ad blocker and bingo ads but no jumping around on PCA , all this messing around and it appears today a least it's fixed for me.

  john bunyan 18:49 16 Nov 2016

When I followed the link to Christmas ads, lo and behold, the Black Friday big black ad appeared!

  Forum Editor 19:01 16 Nov 2016

john bunyan

That's because we only removed it from the forums - we haven't had complaints when it appears on other parts of the site.

  Bazzaman 19:14 16 Nov 2016

Does anyone visit other parts of the site? ;-)

  john bunyan 19:19 16 Nov 2016

Forum Editor

Thanks for that and for taking action on the forums. We all appreciate that advertising is needed to keep us all afloat.Many, many years ago my uncle was MD of a trade magazine company (Blandford Press) and even then, the circulation did not pay for the cost of magazines such as Do It Yourself , Travel World etc. Thanks to you and all your team for keeping the forums going !

  Forum Editor 19:30 16 Nov 2016


"Does anyone visit other parts of the site? ;-)"

They do - millions of them.

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