I am getting close to installing an AdBlocker

  wee eddie 11:42 10 Nov 2016

Once again I am getting close to installing an AdBlocker.

This is really a warning to FE and PCA. I now have a new PC and an Internet Connection that frequently exceeds 50mbps, so few problems there.

However, some of the background Adverts are so badly written, and take so long to load, that PCA's Forum Entries keep jumping up and down for a considerable period of time, in fact, for longer than it normally takes Windows 10 to boot!

Now I know that PCA makes much of its Income from its Advertising Revenue, so that, perhaps, they might pass this back to the Hot Shots in their Clients Advertising Design Department.

Possibly the solution is to, as it were, reserve the required space, before inhabiting it with the promotional material

  Teabag. 12:19 10 Nov 2016

I have used one for years. The screen would flick up and down driving you mad, so I looked for a solution. That coupled with a Java script block makes the site normal on the PC.

For my tablet I use free addblocker browser. This really speeds up the site.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 10 Nov 2016

Yes need a blocker to see the site properly on the PC

have totally given up trying to use the site on a tablet or phone.

  john bunyan 13:34 10 Nov 2016

Site not too bad on my iPhone. Use ABP on desktop.

  martd7 13:52 10 Nov 2016

Awful on windows 8 phone as there are no windows ad block programs for mobile

  Flak999 14:30 10 Nov 2016

I use a combination of adblock and flashblock, these commercial sites are virtually unusable without them.

  Forum Editor 15:58 10 Nov 2016

I'm sure that many of you will know precisely what I am going to say.

On numerous occasions in the past, we have seen forum users complaining about the ads. Our responses have been fairly consistent I think, so one more time....

The forums are one component of what is a pretty big online undertaking. The forums are important to us, but so are those areas which attract around 13 million people every month - our reviews, How to guides, Black Friday deals, and all the other resources that makes us the World’s Number One Technology Magazine Website for UK Audience (Nielsen Online).

Like almost everything in life, it all has to be paid for - the servers, the site developers, and the editorial people who write the content. It costs a small fortune, and it's all free to anyone who cares to access the site.

The ads you see in the forums are helping to fund the facility. They may irritate some people, but they are very necessary, I can assure you. Like many other free access resources We would not survive for a moment without advertising revenue.

Take a look sometime - browse around the rest of the site and see for yourself how much information there really is. You'll also get an idea of the amount of work that goes into keeping it fed with editorial content on a daily basis.

  wee eddie 16:32 10 Nov 2016

I understand.

See paragraph 4.

It is for those that write the "Scripts" for those adverts, to clean up their act.

All they need to do is to define the area that they are going to use and then inhabit it with their Copy. What they are doing at the moment is adding a little bit at a time, which makes the centre part of the screen jump all over the place.

Very annoying

  Forum Editor 16:47 10 Nov 2016

We don't control the way that ads are designed. They are put into your browser window by ad servers - it's an almost unbelievably complicated process.

If you enjoy watching concrete set, you might care to read an explanation of how the whole process of ad-serving works.

Be warned - you may find yourself dropping off to sleep before you are halfway through.

  Quickbeam 04:54 11 Nov 2016

On the contrary FE, now I know why on a PCA page I get targeted with ads for mountain bike components! Some of them have proved to be useful.

  Quickbeam 04:58 11 Nov 2016

Right now it's showing ads for rear wheel hubs, wide ratio gear cassettes and rear shockers, all of which I was looking at recently!

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