I am a bit sad.

  Snec 03:57 04 Dec 2009

It's getting on for 4 o'clock in the morning, I have just finished a poker tournament and I'm still not feeling tired, just sad.

Like many of us here, who are getting on a bit, I have experienced many deaths, parents, grand parents, a very young sister, friends and colleagues but wednesdays one has hit me as hard as any I've dealt with in the past.

I've hardly slept since and he was only a dog. No doubt some will think I'm a bit daft even mentioning it but he was a special dog, a great dog. I won't bore you with why.

I got him from a rescue centre in 1993 when he was about two years old, an Alsatian/Greyhound cross. They said he was a runaway so don't let him off the lead for at least two months, cos he'll be gone. I had a customer who is a dog breeder and a Crufts judge, a real dog lover, and she offered to pick him up the following morning to take for a walk when she took hers. Off she went with her Thousand pound dogs and my tuppeny mongrel........ 20 mintutes later she was banging at the door with her dogs and my collar and lead. "He backed out and run off" she said. "Don't worry sweetheart" I replied "he's been back here 10 minutes". That dog loved me for 16 years and I loved him. But he's been poorly for two weeks and on wednesday, my birthday 4chrisake, I had to let Casey go.

Of course I will get over it, he was only a dog.

  ened 06:53 04 Dec 2009

Unless anyone has had a dog they will not fully understand how you feel.

I too have suffered the loss of close friends and relatives but somehow, because the dog is with you all the time, hero-worships you and is totally dependant and trusting of you, it seems so much worse at the time!

I have an eleven year old and my real regret is that we had her spayed before she had any pups because I think that, whilst she is irreplaceable, if you have two dogs, somehow, you have some comfort if/when something happens.

It is too late for us because our little girl would never cope with another dog in the house after being the centre of attention all her life.

Stupid aren't we?

  crosstrainer 08:37 04 Dec 2009

I know exactly how hollow and sad you feel. As you say, this will pass with time, and everyone deals with loss in their own way.

I have 2 constant companions.. (Jack Russell's) mother and daughter.

Have lost two dogs over the years to old age, and it's heartbreaking... I wish you all the best, remember the good times you had with your friend.

  birdface 10:25 04 Dec 2009

I suppose you can put it down to old age with your pet.
They don't get much older than that and of course they become one of the family.
As we get older we loose more family and friends and it does not get any easier.
We just have to get on with it and get the Photos out now and then just to remember them and the good days that you had together.
Playing poker is a good way of passing the time.
After playing it for 4-5 years [only the free play] I got bored with it and finally packed it all in during the week and removed it from my computer.
Maybe if you are still fit enough go back to the rescue center and maybe see if there is another dog or pup looking for a good home.
I think we have all said it at one time,its such a sad loss that you say never again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 04 Dec 2009

he was only a dog

And they don't call them "Mans Best Friend" for nothing.
Of course they become part of the family especially when they have been around for that long.
Just remember all the pleasure and love he gave you and be glad for that rather than be sad for his loss.

  Forum Editor 23:40 04 Dec 2009

is hardly a time when you're going to feel at your best,emotionally.

Anyone who has loved and lost a dog - and that means tens of millions of people - knows how you feel. Ten months ago I stood in a vet's surgery late at night and watched him give my 16 year old dog as lethal injection. It would be a very hard-hearted person who didn't feel pretty awful on such an occasion.

Few human beings are capable of giving unconditional affection, but dogs do it all the time.

  User-1229748 06:03 05 Dec 2009

not daft at all snec.like fruit bat says,mans best friend.i've seen some big men get awfully upset by a dogs death,perfectly normal to grieve.

  birdface 13:40 05 Dec 2009

Maybe have a look at some of the Forums on here.

click here=

My son lost his dog in the summer and was Heart Broken over it.
He used to go to some of those forums and they were most helpful.
Most other pet owners have had to go through the pain of seeing a loved pets pass away and just being able to talk to them helped him a lot.
I will say that he was a bit fortunate that he had one of her 6 week old pups and had promised someone it.
But had to contact them and tell them under the circumstances that he now wanted to keep it.
The dog that died was called Gerri so he named the pup Tom and it took me a while to realize why he called it Tom.
Shows you how thick I am.

  Noldi 12:31 06 Dec 2009

23.10.09 we lost our Dog at 11 years old.
She joined the family as a pup when the kids where under 8 years old. She immigrated to Switzerland with us, she was the only friend the kids had until they mastered the language. Wife could not work so she was my wife’s sole mate. 2 years ago my family returned to England and she kept my wife company while I remained in Switzerland. We now return home no dog to greet us with a happy wagging tail.
But she had a better life than some dogs stuck in a back yard with 1 walk a day. She walked on glaciers did some terrific mountain walks some things that a lot of dogs don’t do. But what made me so sad is when a friend said she was not just your dog she was everybody’s dog because she was well mannered placid Labrador that everybody loved to meet, she would play with all the kids for hours if they had the time to throw her ball or stick.

I totally understand your sadness just remember a lot of dogs don’t have the same quality of life your dog had so be happy your paths crossed. But it does leave a large hole in your life that is for sure.


  peter99co 13:34 06 Dec 2009

My Yorkie died on 21/12/07 and we were all sad. He was 14 years old and at only 1.5 kgs was very small. He filled a very big part of our lives though. We still miss him.

  caccy 16:22 06 Dec 2009

We have been through this three times in the last 42 years, the last was about seven years ago, and know exactly how you must be feeling and sympathise with you. However the memories remain.

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