dagbladet 09:12 26 Jan 2011

I seem to be surrounded by hypocrites at the moment. At the pub last night, at work today, all of a sudden many the blokes around me have come out all outraged and offended and ever so 'feminist'. These are the same guys who up until linesmangate (it must receive 'gate' status soon) made Ollie Reed seem like a big jessie. One of the girls just said she wished they'd go back to being 'blokes' again, They're "being creepy".

  lotvic 23:01 26 Jan 2011


  Forum Editor 23:38 26 Jan 2011

may well think the men are 'being creepy', but that just highlights the situation perfectly.

She thinks they're being creepy because they are outraged by a couple of men who should know better making remarks to and about women that were unacceptable. The men in the pub obviously think it was unacceptable, or they wouldn't have " come out all outraged and offended and ever so 'feminist'" as you put it.

I imagine that same girl in the pub likes men to be romantic, strong, caring, and all the other things that women like men to be, but I wonder how she would feel if a couple of the 'blokes' made disparaging remarks about her ability to do her job because she was a woman.

I'm sure you don't mean to suggest that women actually like men to be crude,ignorant and patronising,simply because of one remark made by one girl in a pub.

  Colin 13:43 27 Jan 2011

"If we're to stop being sexist it must be from both sides..." Well said, but it ain't gonna happen!

That applies to something else as well but I don't want to get barred by the FE. It's just my opinion.

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