Hyperbolic Language

  morddwyd 09:57 22 Oct 2013

The Archbishop of Canterbury thinks that the christening of Prince George is "extraordinary".

click here is "extraordinary" about a future head of the church being baptised into it?

Since, I understand, ordinary church members go through this process (I am not CofE), surely nothing can be more ordinary.

He also says that babies are "unbelievably" special.

So he thinks God, and Christ are believable, but not babies.

To non-believers Jesus is unbelievable, but not all babies surely?

For a man who makes his living from communicating he seems to have a poor command of his primary medium.


  fourm member 10:10 22 Oct 2013

Thank you for making me laugh out loud.

But I think you'll find that in your thread title the 'hyper' is unnecessary and the 'bolic' is misspelt.

  spuds 10:18 22 Oct 2013

I suppose it actually proves that the Archbishop of Canterbury is in touch with the world, and is prone to make errors (as we might see) like the rest of us?.

  morddwyd 10:22 22 Oct 2013


That took me while, but I got there!

  john bunyan 10:43 22 Oct 2013


I totally agree with all you say in the original entry.

  Forum Editor 14:43 22 Oct 2013

"the great good news is that God doesn't care who we are".

Says the Archbisop, who obviously does care.

  fourm member 14:44 22 Oct 2013

I'm assuming spuds is being sarcastic but it is hard to tell.

  finerty 16:13 22 Oct 2013

sack him

  oresome 17:01 22 Oct 2013

The same guy found the energy price rises inexplicable as I pointed out in another thread.

His mind must really be tortured after reading the Bible!

  Forum Editor 17:43 22 Oct 2013

I think that Justin Welby feels that as Archbishop he has to have something to say about major social issues, and his 11 years in the oil industry probably left him with a sense of the importance of communicating.

He might do better to reflect on Evelyn Waugh's adage that when one writes anything that others will read one should always leave the text overnight, and read it in the cold light of the following day before putting it in the post.

That's good advice when it comes to making speeches, too.

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