Hung parliament, good or bad for brexit?

  oresome 10:02 01 Jun 2017

With forecasts predicting the election result not to be the landslide victory the Tories were hoping for, how will this influence our negotiating hand with the EU should the polls prove accurate?

  Pine Man 10:12 01 Jun 2017

I wouldn't be at all surprised if we have a hung parliament. Theresa May, who should be way ahead, appears to be becoming somewhat arrogant and a bit negative whereas Jeremy Corbyn is saying things people want to hear even if they aren't feasible and is catching her up.

As far as negotiations go I don't think it matters one little bit. We have told the EU we are leaving their club and we make demands without the ability to apply any sanctions if those demands are not met. The EU cannot give in to our demands as that will open the door for other members to try and leave and get the same benefits.

The whole thing is a pigs breakfast!

  LastChip 10:31 01 Jun 2017

"Hung parliament, good or bad for brexit?"


  lotvic 11:56 01 Jun 2017

Hang on to your hats, it'll be a rough ride.

  morddwyd 20:13 01 Jun 2017

A hung Parliament is always a good one.

A government without an overall majority gas to listen to reason.

Would a hung parliament have gone for Iraq2, or allowed the bankers to get away with it, or even have ever been so silly as to call a referendum?

  Aitchbee 22:21 01 Jun 2017

A Labour/SNP coalition government is a potential possibility if things get tight ... but it's not pretty.

  Forum Editor 22:41 01 Jun 2017

"A hung Parliament is always a good one."

Really? A weak and ineffective one, more likely.

  Quickbeam 22:41 01 Jun 2017

The one thing that has impressed me most during the electioneering weeks is that Corbyn, the same Komrade Korby that I thought I would never vote for this century, has not stooped to retaliatory personal slur flinging or adopted the wholly negative campaigning tactic that has plagued us for the last 2 or more decades.

Against all the odds, he has warmed to many others that never thought they ever would, and his campaign is getting through very well on the domestic issues aimed at an electorate that have been told by May that they need to carry on suffering for an indeterminate time longer for the good of all.

TMay comes across as cold, calculating and aggressive. Her campaign is not fruiting as she expected to show her in a good light and as the saviour of the universe as we know it.

  Quickbeam 22:50 01 Jun 2017

"A hung Parliament is always a good one."

It most certainly is for those of us that don't want TMay having a clumsy free hand on the dangerous exit on a no deal button with an unassailable majority!

  Quickbeam 23:22 01 Jun 2017


I don't think any of them will willingly take the coalition option, they're all saying that they would work collectively with a minority government until Brexit or the end of the term comes.

Personally I'd be happy to see regular coalition governments until we rid ourselves of the antiquated and adversarial FPTP system.

  x123 23:26 01 Jun 2017

I would of dreaded that PM May would have a 200 majority. If she does get in and that looks slim, a majority in single figures would-be a better outcome from my point of view.

But you have to question her commitment to win this election. Is she deliberately dropping these gaffs, how could she run a worse campaign?

Cameron will be always remembered as the one who cocked up our membership to the EU. Is Mrs May not keen to be remembered as the Prime minister who took us out Europe.


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