Humidifier experience, please

  Graham. 20:02 12 Jan 2010

Sick of getting zapped by my cat, I've invested in a humidifier click here. I already have a Hygrometer, which was reading 26%. Ideally, it should be 45-55%.

The suitable room size stated is 25M2, mine is 15.75M2, but it is open plan.

Anyway, after having it on for 24 hours at full blast, the humidity has not increased. Do I need a bigger one?

  peter99co 20:31 12 Jan 2010

Place containers (small tray) of water near heating and you should get some evaporation to occur.

  Graham. 22:10 12 Jan 2010

Tried that. Damp towels on the radiators works, but stick to paint and wallpaper.

  namtas 22:30 12 Jan 2010

How much water is it using in 24hrs

  Forum Editor 22:58 12 Jan 2010

of humidity in a room is to make sure that you don't close all the windows in winter.

Modern heating systems will rapidly dry the air in a house, and unless you have fireplaces and open chimneys you'll suffer from over dry air - you'll feel lethargic and might develop headaches.

Open a few windows, and let fresh outside air do the rest - you won't need to artificially humidify the air in the house.

  Graham. 23:34 12 Jan 2010

namtas 3.5 litres

FE but it's cold with a window open. I need to be at 27C or I feel cold.

  ella33 00:45 13 Jan 2010

Try the damp towels and other washing on radiator airers, so there is no risk to the radiator or wallpaper. It does make a difference to the atmosphere as does opening windows in the morning as FE said and checking that the heat is not set to high. We were told never above 15 degrees but I must admit it has been higher lately Wear a roll necked sweater or a fleece while the windows are open, it is surprising how warm they are.

  Graham. 00:50 13 Jan 2010

Thanks, I was thinking that myself. I shall be browsing Argos for an airer.

  ella33 12:32 13 Jan 2010

If you live near a Wilkinson store, they have radiator airers that you just slip over and can remove easily when not in use. Other stores such as Tesco, with a Home department often have them too. Argos is not always the cheapest but can be easier if you hate shopping, of course! The radiator airers also mean you save tumble drying, especially at a time when the fuel bills will be high enough!

  ella33 12:35 13 Jan 2010

Oh to add to my last comment, I have had few days recently which have been sunny enough to hang washing out. Amazingly, when the sun does shine on snow it does dry off the washing but you still need the airers for a while. On sunny snowy days it is not too bad opening windows for a while. Practise deep breathing!

  Graham. 15:01 13 Jan 2010

I've got a set of 4 airers from Argos and they have all got damp towels on them now.

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