Human ID Tracking Chipping ...

  Quickbeam 09:00 30 Jan 2015

...why would you?

I heard the first mention of it on the radio the other day, then on breakfast telly it featured as a quite serious suggestion!

1]: [click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:38 30 Jan 2015

I want a RFID tag implanted in a badge that I can track with a mobile phone app.

My grandson would wear a Trnsformers badge but I wouldn't dream of implanting him.

This way I could easily keep tabs on him if lost in a supemarket or mall for example.

  Quickbeam 11:11 30 Jan 2015

There's a huge difference between a chipped Spiderman badge and an actual under the skin chip implant *Fruit Bat /\0/* !!!

  carver 11:52 30 Jan 2015

The implication are so bad that I don't even know why they do it, first thing is these chips can be infected with computer viruses and second most worrying is cloning.

How would you explain that you were not driving the car but the driver had your chip ID.

Only chip I want is with a fish and salt and vinegar.

  Brumas 12:45 30 Jan 2015

Why not go the whole hog and have your own personal barcode tattooed, in ultra violet ink, on your forehead so that you could be scanned wherever you went - build barcode scanners on every street corner and in every place of business and there we could have the perfect society which Eric Arthur Blair could only have imagined in his wildest dreams!

Please note this is written with tongue firmly embedded in cheek ;o}}

  carver 13:27 30 Jan 2015

Brumas tattoo would be in wrong place, should be on rear end so every time they bend down to lick someone's xxxx it would be clearly visible.

  carver 13:29 30 Jan 2015

Sorry it's your fault with saying "*tongue firmly embedded in cheek *"

  Brumas 14:26 30 Jan 2015

carver. Ooh, you are awful but I do like you ;o}

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