Huge bat?

  stolensilver 12:38 17 Aug 2008

Last night about 11 o'clock while letting the dog out for her nighttime perambulations I saw a huge bat fly across the garden. There is quite a lot of light in the garden from the city in the valley. I also had plenty of time to watch as it flew about 40 feet from one side of the garden to the other.

So bearing in mind the light was good and the bat was in sight for a fair few seconds I'm rather confused as to what sort of bat it could be. It was crow sized!!! The body was rectangular and the ends of the wings looked clubbed rather than pointed. The wings flapped relatively slowly. It definitely wasn't a bird.

I've looked up UK bats and the biggest one has a body length of less than 8cm. The one I saw looked to be 15 cm long. Any ideas what it could be? We live in the Midlands.

  AL47 13:03 17 Aug 2008


haha, hmm, yeah that is too big, live near anywhere where it could have escaped from, zoo etc

  Forum Editor 13:41 17 Aug 2008

would be a Noctule bat, because it's the only one that is big enough to qualify and to be seen flying in your part of the UK. The wingspan of these bats is between 300 and 400mm, and the length (with tail) can be 130mm.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:10 17 Aug 2008

It definitely wasn't me, I was too drunk to fly last nght.


  spuds 16:50 17 Aug 2008

Not an escapee fruit bat from the local zoo, by any chance?.

  birdface 17:08 17 Aug 2008

Oops sorry I thought it was something that the England cricket team were after.

  Grey Goo 20:29 17 Aug 2008

Reminds me of the old joke,

What do you have with a mothball in each hand?

A really large Moth.

  stolensilver 14:34 19 Aug 2008


  Seth Haniel 15:10 19 Aug 2008
  jack 16:57 19 Aug 2008

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Well on the WWW that is

  skeletal 19:39 19 Aug 2008

One other thought, even though you have dismissed it as a bird, it may have been a Tawny Owl. It is not often people see them fly, and it would be similar to your description. Did you by any chance hear any “strange” noises a little time before/after you saw it? They sometimes cry out after landing; the “hoot” is familiar to many, but the “shriek” is harder to describe. Check out
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