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Huawei Mate X for €2299 ?

  Old Deuteronomy 20:13 24 Feb 2019

Is it just me, or has the top end of the smartphone market gone completely doolally?

  wee eddie 20:39 24 Feb 2019

I suppose that it's the equivalent of a Bugatt Veyron. You don't need to buy one, but hell, why not

  Forum Editor 12:46 25 Feb 2019

This device is more of a tablet than a phone, but even so, the price does seem inordinately high.

Prices will tend to tumble as sales rise, and the second generation model comes along. They'll have to tumble a very long way before I would consider buying one.

  wee eddie 00:53 26 Feb 2019

Building a Phone into a Tablet should not be such a big deal, after all they share about 50% of the hardware

  Menzie 00:59 26 Feb 2019

It's also a foldable device, that's a trend that is always currently very expensive.

  Old Deuteronomy 09:48 26 Feb 2019

Im still waiting for SS Galaxy Fold.

That one is also ludicrously expensive and I for one am not prepared to pay the price of being an early adopter. It is also far to early to see if the folding screen is durable.

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