HSBC online banking anyone?

  Blackhat 15:30 04 Nov 2011

Have been using this for years but this afternoon just can’t get logged on, keep getting message ‘We are sorry but we cannot continue with your request’ after a long pause.

Followed by a phone number that doesn’t answer. Is anyone else having problems? I just want to know if the problem is their end or mine.

  anskyber 15:43 04 Nov 2011

Yes, same problem as you.

  Blackhat 15:54 04 Nov 2011


Thanks, I was thinking that I migh have a problem and I have on line banking to do today. Will keep checking back.

  Blackhat 15:56 04 Nov 2011

problem with hsbc

Seems to have hit the news already.

  BRYNIT 16:33 04 Nov 2011

I've just tried and had no problems the fault may have been rectified.

  Al94 16:41 04 Nov 2011
  Blackhat 16:41 04 Nov 2011

Yes, seems to be wotking again, best do what I need before next crash.

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