HS2 Is it necessary at this time?

  bremner 12:20 21 Aug 2019

The government his two review whether we really need HS2 BBC Article

I cannot support a scheme to get some quicker to Manchester or Birmingham, that is likely to cost in excess of £100B at a time when:

  • The NHS and social care, education, policing, fire services, local government etc etc are massively underfunded.
  • The one train line into Cornwall is regularly out of action due to it passing so close to the sea.
  • Many rural communities have broadband that struggles to reach 4Mb

My list could go on and on.

What do you think?

  Quickbeam 03:39 25 Aug 2019

HS2, Trident, Indy ref ll, Brexit and the UK's defence strategy all in one thread could have been a good thread subject JB...

  Quickbeam 03:41 25 Aug 2019

...not forgeting regional taxation variations!

  morddwyd 09:28 25 Aug 2019

This is not the thread to re-engage the Scottish debate but a couple of points are blurred.

"The Scottish airfields defend us". What Scottish airfields? There is only on, Lossiemouth, and it shares its QRA responsibilities (mainly just to justify its existence) with Marham, which could easily cope with this full time.

So far as Trident goes, as I've said before, Faslane becomes a sovereign base. If Guantanamo Bay can operate throughout the Cold War in the hostile environment of Cuba, I'm sure Faslane and the locals could continue to co-exist.

The Labour Party is bigger threat to Trident than the SNP!

Once Scotland has independence and a decent government voted in Ruth Davidson is not going to tell Boris to move elsewhere.

  john bunyan 12:58 25 Aug 2019


Agreed if all you say could come to pass. Shows how out of date I am as when I was “in” , RAF Kinloss was the one I remember and Lossiemouth was Fleet Air Arm!

Still concerned about Glen Douglas where your stuff is/ was stored and RM Arbroath with 45 Commando RM and the training in those parts.

Will wait for Indy 2 for further discussion.

  Quickbeam 15:42 25 Aug 2019

'the Scottish debate' That sounds a bit Macbethian!

  Dunk 16:30 25 Aug 2019

morddwyd says "So far as Trident goes, as I've said before, Faslane becomes a sovereign base."

If Scotland becomes independent, there is no way I want Englands nuclear weapons on foreign soil. I want them near us, and controlled by us, so they must come to England.

Besides,from what I hear this is one of the main planks of the argument for independence, Scotland doesn't want them on their soil.

  john bunyan 16:46 25 Aug 2019


Where do you propose as 1. Our Submarines base?. 2. The weapons Storage facilities? See current set up - 16 concrete bunkers built in to a steep hillside.

The submarines need speedy access to deep water, ideally in a remote location.

RNAD Coulport

  Dunk 17:32 25 Aug 2019


You said earlier that Scotland costs us in England £9 billion a year. So let them have their independence I say. Good luck to them if they need so much cash from us, as we could spend it in the north of England instead.

I can not believe that England, a world superpower, could not find somewhere to store our nuclear weapons and subs when we get rid of Scotland. If we have nowhere, do we really think we can still be a superpower?

  wee eddie 18:00 25 Aug 2019

Dunk: I wouldn't worry. Scotland will be so short of cash, we'll rent the Coulport and any other sites that they need.

By the way, because of geographical differences, England has no suitable sites, that the public would accept

  Dunk 18:07 25 Aug 2019


Not understanding "we'll rent the Coulport and any other sites that they need."

Why would Scotland need other sites if they intend to be nuclear-free? Or did you mean "we need"?

I assume you agree that we should dump Scotland and save £9 billion a year to spend on ourselves. Why is our government not allowing Scotland to go? Crazy!

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