HS2 Is it necessary at this time?

  bremner 12:20 21 Aug 2019

The government his two review whether we really need HS2 BBC Article

I cannot support a scheme to get some quicker to Manchester or Birmingham, that is likely to cost in excess of £100B at a time when:

  • The NHS and social care, education, policing, fire services, local government etc etc are massively underfunded.
  • The one train line into Cornwall is regularly out of action due to it passing so close to the sea.
  • Many rural communities have broadband that struggles to reach 4Mb

My list could go on and on.

What do you think?

  Quickbeam 06:49 28 Aug 2019

That's 21st century dumbed down Britain for you. When I watch some of the TV quizes I'm astounded by the distinct general knowledge gap between the young 20s and the 50 plusers. We all get wiser as we get older, but some of the gaps are what I would have known as a just only a teenager.

  john bunyan 07:01 28 Aug 2019

Do read all of this

Welsh history and borders

  Quickbeam 11:32 28 Aug 2019

A prime example of spending more to offer a normal service to the few is in this morning's news of outer Hebridian islands getting ultra fast broadband at a cost of £4000 per connection!

Yes it's very expensive, but it does highlight the case that some areas will always have to be subsidised in some way by the most affluent for the general benefit of all.

This should keep the HS2 thread back on topic now that an extraordinary event warrants Brexit getting it's own topic thread again!

  Govan1x 14:59 30 Aug 2019

It is supposed to be good for rail travelers to get to their destination quicker.

Maybe they should have concentrated on fixing the dire state of our roads first.

I wonder how many Billions that is going to cost to get the roads back to normal.

Exceptionally more use the roads than use trains so to me it would be a no brainer fixing the roads first.

  Quickbeam 07:01 31 Aug 2019

The problem with making roads perfect is that it just encourages greater selfish 1 in 1 vehicle use which is what they're trying to discourage!

  Quickbeam 06:58 30 Sep 2019

Ref above from a month ago:

More/upgraded roads equals more traffic which in turn goes against their own lower CO2 targets!

We're happy to build and upgrade roads for a mode of transport that they claim to be at the start of a great decline after a century of growth, but want to scrap plans for a more environmentally friendly mode of transport which would be the keystone of a future rail network as was the Victorian main line network.

  wee eddie 07:04 30 Sep 2019

I foresee that HS2 will put many Chauffeurs out of work!

  Quickbeam 07:26 30 Sep 2019

Why will women not be affected ...?

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