This is how you launch a TV Channel

  interzone55 22:04 12 Apr 2012

The launch of a new English language drama channel in Belgium

  ams4127 22:20 12 Apr 2012

That's brilliant! Thanks for posting,

  birdface 22:51 12 Apr 2012

Think they would all be locked up if they tried it here.

But a pretty effective bit of advertising.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:12 12 Apr 2012

Recognised a few English soaps /dramas in there.

Casulty - Eastenders (wasn't that Phil Mitchel the fighting paramedic?)

come on you lot name the rest.

  Aitchbee 08:47 13 Apr 2012

The big white arrow began his showbiz career on the TV gameshow "CATCHPHRASE" when he was a lot younger and more animated ... he pointed to the main clues for the contestants.

I must say his acting has become a bit wooden ;o]

  interzone55 09:51 13 Apr 2012

fourm member

It's an English language channel.

Many countries have TV channels that broadcast solely in English.

It's quite shocking how many people across the world speak English with greater fluency than many native speakers in this country

  Aitchbee 12:06 13 Apr 2012

If they put the new Belgian TV channel on freeview, I would 'give it a twirl'.Belgium is always favourite to take the brunt of stand-up comedians' jibes regarding it's dullness...this side of the English Channel.

  Aitchbee 13:04 13 Apr 2012

I remember, in 1982, when Channel 4 was launched with it's state-of-the-art computer generatated coloured NUMBER 4 logo...and I think COUNTDOWN was the first's still on!

  morddwyd 16:01 13 Apr 2012

Thanks, that was brilliant.

I never met a Belgian yet who wasn't absolutely charming, with manners straight out of a Regency novel.

They obviously have a sense of humour to match!

  Quickbeam 16:08 13 Apr 2012

'Recognised a few English soaps /dramas in there.'

Yes the patient falling out of the ambulance was pure Norman Wisdom slapstick!

  Nontek 17:20 13 Apr 2012

Brilliant - thanks!!

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