How would you rate your general knowledge on PCs?

  Pooke100 17:07 13 May 2005

If someone was to ask you to rate how much you know generally about home computing out of ten how would you answer?

  Indigo 1 17:09 13 May 2005

What do you rate yours at ?

  Pooke100 17:13 13 May 2005

Reason I asked was that I was at a job interview for a certain shop and the manager told me I was talking rubbish when I said that. He knew my history, Grade A in GCSE and a BTEC National Diploma (same as 3 A levels) in computers with an overall distinction plus general interests.

I was shocked at this so I made comments about the store and the interview just bombed after that.

  Indigo 1 17:18 13 May 2005

I was going to say 5 or 6 but after that I would say 3.

BTW in an interview it is best to keep ones opinions to oneself, generally.

  Pooke100 17:20 13 May 2005

But he asked me to rate it, he then asked "did I have any question about the store?" so I did, and the interview bombed after that as I said.

My worst interview ever!

  octal 17:29 13 May 2005

Crikey! What a question! I don't think its possible to answer that, the reason I say that is that the IT field is absolutely huge, all you can probably ever do is specialise.

There is also a question of experience which unfortunately still counts, if you've got a proven track record its quite irrelevant what your qualifications are, you get the job.

  octal 17:30 13 May 2005

Sorry, forgot to answer your question 'How would you rate your general knowledge on PCs?'


  Bleep 17:43 13 May 2005

9/10 For my general knowledge of Pc's.....

  octal 17:52 13 May 2005

Just as a matter of interest, when they said "How would you rate your general knowledge on PCs?" Why didn't you answer "test me" they could have made up their own minds then.

By the way, good luck, I hope you find something.

  Pooke100 17:56 13 May 2005

Didn't get a chance the manager was full of himself......thanks octal I need all the luck I can get.

  octal 18:02 13 May 2005

That manager sounds like a bit of a bully and doesn't listen if you left with that impression, so if its any consolation you're probably better off not getting that particular job. I'd hate it if any interviewee had that impression of me.

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