How would you choose to be executed?

  Cymro. 11:49 18 Jun 2010

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Perhaps I am of a morbid turn of mind today but I was thinking how would I prefer to be executed if the situation ever occurred.

All in all I think I would choose the fatal injection option, hopefully less stressful than most of the other ways. So what would be your preferred way to die should you ever end up in such a sorry situation?

  Seth Haniel 12:06 18 Jun 2010

old age

  Cymro. 12:14 18 Jun 2010

I always did fancy living to extreme old age myself. I have seen my first coupe of grandchildren start their life in this world and it would be even nicer to see my great grandchildren as well. But if they did not execute me then they might sentence me to life in prison and I can`t see my descendants bothering to visit me in there.

  Quickbeam 12:40 18 Jun 2010

Oh, I think I might go for a full public and flamboyant beheading at The Tower. There's no point in not using it to set an example to other would be rotters.

I'd wear full Gothic attire and tip the headsman to make a clean first cut. For my last meal, I'd have smoked salmon, roast woodcock with a spicy pear sauce and roast veg, for pudding jam roly poly with custard, all washed down with Tetley's bitter...:)

  Þ² 12:57 18 Jun 2010

I like the idea of a countdown and not getting to one.

  Quickbeam 13:16 18 Jun 2010

What! With Carol Vorderman doing the deed?

  sunnystaines 13:18 18 Jun 2010

morphine overdose

  Grey Goo 13:40 18 Jun 2010

I'll stick to a slow suicide by Brandy.

  john bunyan 13:41 18 Jun 2010

If you breathe in an airtight environment , as the oxygen level drops you faint as the nitrogen is tasteless. To avoid panting due to Carbon dioxide build up you cold have a CO2 scrubber as used in rebreathers.

  Grey Goo 13:44 18 Jun 2010

I think it has been alluded to that the brain does not die immediately after the head is removed by the Guillotine. If this is so then you can read letters chucked in the basket, "To be read later"

  Quickbeam 13:49 18 Jun 2010

There's not much point in reading them though...

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