How Wolves Change Rivers short film

  carver 09:21 02 Apr 2014

Just been watching this wolves and even though it's only runs for about 4 minutes it's interesting how one small change in the environment can alter so much.

  spuds 09:38 02 Apr 2014

No matter what human beings try to do, nature will always rule the day. but with this film, it would appear that the narrator is trying to say, that what is happening is solely down to the wolves, which isn't correct, because all species have their roles to play in making the balance.

We still have today, the strong hunting fraternity that are saying wolves are a problem, and should never have been re-introduced, especially in areas where cattle are roaming.

I don't know how far its got, but there are projects in the UK and elsewhere, where the re-introduction of wolves are being considered, all on the pretense of science?.

Yet at the same time, the control of TB in animals is still a big question regarding culling and all the rest. And this is perhaps one of the many reasons that humans have never really understood nature at its best, and how it controls its own?.

  rickf 10:44 02 Apr 2014

That's really good. Thanks for posting but agree that all have a place in the eco system. Only man destroys and do not replenish.

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