How to win an election ...

  mrgrumpy 10:59 08 Nov 2019

I know that MP'S and local councillors wont read this but this my take on how to win an election.

Get rid of spin doctors who write stupid speeches for the vote hunters.

Stop stage managing photos shoots such as the classic kissing babies , old folks home surprise visit or them gate crashing a hospital patients bedside just before say " promise " to spend money on NHS.

Stop telling me what everyone else is doing wrong , just tell me what you are going to do if you get in power.

I don't want to know your projected 6 year plan I want to know what your going to do as soon as you get in government.

When it all goes pear shaped as it usually does , don't use the get out clause of " we are still sorting out the previous governments mess".

One thing that has always puzzled me in politics is the cabinet reshuffle. How can the guy who was in charge of say dept. abc suddenly become in charge of dept. def. I guess I am answering my own query because the key phrase is "in charge of". Just like in business its the people below the head hocho that do most of the work but , that said , when something hits the fan its the top man/woman that has to go because it was their responsibility to make sure nothing hit the fan.

RANT OVER feedback please !

  john bunyan 11:17 08 Nov 2019

Our National Debt is at 86% of GDP - Germany at 60%. How will the massive increase in spending be funded? What proportion of GNP will Debt be at and or next Parliament? We can’t keep mortgaging our grandchildren’s future by reckless unfunded borrowing as interest rates for all will rise and we are already paying over £40 billion a year in interest . Candidates must give realistic answers as “the rich” will not fund it all

  mrgrumpy 11:29 08 Nov 2019

National debt and government borrowing has always puzzled me a bit. We get billions of pounds in loans and yet the bank of England is full of gold. Can you remember a few years ago it was reported that the American economy was on the point of collapse yet the news report showed fort knox full of gold. I would have thought that if a government wanted a huge amount of cash they would have had to hand over some gold assets to get it.

Maybe I am looking at it wrong but I don't get how we need loans but have a banking system full of gold.

  john bunyan 13:17 08 Nov 2019

Too ok late! Gordon Brown sold most of our gold at $300 an ounce - today’s price $1450 an ounce. See

gold sale

The fiscal deficit ( spending over taxation) for the year is about 2% - was over 8% so we’re still borrowing to spend. The cumulative debt is over £1.7 trillion! Or 86 % of our total annual income. A bit like an individual who keeps using a credit card. Ours is maxed out and either spending has to be cut or taxation increased.

Both Parties seem to think there is a magic money tree. A massive renationalisation programme will cost billions, and government is not good at running commercial organisations.

Sturgeon is no better, glossing over the fact that Scotland gets about £8 billion a year from rUK tax than they raise locally so independence will mean average tax will have to go up by £2,500 to £3,000 per head there

1]: [click here

  Dunk 17:36 08 Nov 2019

john bunyan

I agree that the UK, whichever Party is in control, will be heading for financial disaster with all these 'election spend promises'. But according to all Johnson's ministers the UK economy is in "great shape", and ready to do all sorts of wonderful things after this disastrous Brexit "is done". (Oh for a 'sarcasm' emoji!).

I'm not aware of any of Sturgeon's big spending plans, but, of course, they are not allowed to borrow and must live within the amounts England gives them ? If so it gives us the choice to simply moan about giving them their money (£8 billion a year) or let them have their vote to leave - and save ourselves a fortune. What's not to like?

Why must we try everything we can to stop Scotland leaving when they are costing us a fortune every year? Of course we'd have to find a new home for Trident - maybe they'd let us rent the Trident base for that £8billion a year!

  john bunyan 18:11 08 Nov 2019


The Trident issue is very difficult as it is the missile storage elsewhere that is almost impossible to solve. If you look at the kerfuffle over the NI border , imagine the problems over border control.

  Dunk 18:32 08 Nov 2019

Sorry john, but I cannot see the relevance of the NI border to the Trident issue, or border controls. Controls over exactly what?

The Scots seem to be very anti nuclear weapons, yet are forced to house them ( and close to their biggest city!). I can understand that frustration, but it can be resolved if Scotland leaves the UK, and England (or Wales or NI)agrees to have the weapon of mass destruction. (Naturally, not in MY backyard of course).

  Quickbeam 18:47 08 Nov 2019

We could of course cease to be a nuclear power.

We’ll never use them, and the cost will solve a lot of our economic woes.

And if one of you says we might want to use them, well then it’s time to let another species evolve into the dominant life on Earth...

  Dunk 19:01 08 Nov 2019


Cannot disagree with any of what you say in that post.

Why must we pretend we need to be 'at the big boys table'?

  Quickbeam 19:31 08 Nov 2019


All throughout the Cold War years I believed in our MAD deterrent. Whether that was through true belief in it, or maybe having been gullible enough to swallow what I was told, I don't know. But with the wisdom of having passed the 3 score and some mark, I have to say, are we really going to be dumb enough to unleash a weapon that obliterates land mass on a continental scale...?

If we are that dumb, we don't deserve to see the next century out.

  john bunyan 19:54 08 Nov 2019

Too much of a deviation from OP but briefly we and France provide the Nuclear deterrent in Europe (not EU) for NATO. With the US becoming increasingly isolationist (why should we forever rely on them in a crisis?) and with Russia and China being Nuclear possible opponents , this is no time for Unilateral Disarmament. Of course no one wants to use it , but the fact of having it has deterred potential aggressors from threatening us for many years.

Re storage, there are no identified suitable sites in UK outside Scotland. The cost is within the 2% NATO target for defence.

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