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How will Rees Mogg explain Honda?

  john bunyan 18:06 18 Feb 2019

Honda to close Swindon. So many thousands affected. Hope Brexiteers are happy. Anyone who says this is not Brexit linked is wrong


  john bunyan 18:13 18 Feb 2019

Many others eg


I am interested in FE’s take on this

  Quickbeam 18:21 18 Feb 2019

It's no secret that Honda feel betrayed by the UK government.

A new Japan/EU trade deal will make the UK the wrong location for Honda if we end up with a 10% auto tariff, whereas they likely wouldn't commit to the cost of moving a huge production plant within.

JRM? He'll give the usual global downturn in trade, downturn in diesels, downturn in everything and nothing to do with Brexit at all, nothing to do with 90% of the Swindon output going into Europe tariff free. All will be rosy post Brexit as we become free to trade with anyone. But if we no longer make anything, that'll all be worth jack shit won't it...

  Quickbeam 18:24 18 Feb 2019

I expect that the FE will give the usual 'we've faced great adversity before and come through it' mantra.

But we do need to ask ourselves why we're so hell bent on doing such intentional economic dame to have to do any recovery from in the first place.

  Quickbeam 18:25 18 Feb 2019


  Al94 20:13 18 Feb 2019

Brexit is conveniently being blamed but I think commercial pressures are the real reason.

  john bunyan 20:45 18 Feb 2019

What about the Airbus views - see link above. Of course this is mainly Brexit. Add Nissan not building the X Trail here, Jaguar Land Rover lay offs and banks setting up offices in Dublin, Paris etc. Many other examples

  rickf 23:42 18 Feb 2019

JRM will just spin it as fake news of course. It's the new catch phrase for the far right.

  qwbos 00:34 19 Feb 2019

jb from 19:16 02 Feb 2019 on the "No confidence vote against the PM soon." page 14

Nissan is cancelling the proposed manufacturing of their X - Trail in U.K. in view of Brexit uncertainty. Hope all Leavers are noticing the exodus beginning.

I'll remind you what the Nissan chairman said

Nissan chairman Gianluca de Ficchy said in the letter that much had changed since the Japanese firm announced plans to build a new Qashqai and X-Trail in the UK in October 2016. “At that time they were both planned as ‘traditional’ models, powered by internal combustion engines. X-Trail was already going to be made in Kyushu, but there was a good business case for bringing production to Europe as well. “Since that time, as you know, the environment for the car industry in Europe has changed dramatically. To meet the changing emissions regulations we’ve had to invest much more in new powertrains for our future models like X-Trail. At the same time, the volume forecasts for X-Trail in Europe have reduced. “For those reasons the company has decided to optimise our investments and concentrate production in Kyushu, instead of adding another production site. For the European business, this does not change the fact that X-Trail is – and will continue to be – a crucial model for us. “Today’s announcement will be interpreted by a lot of people as a decision related to Brexit. We have taken this decision for the business reasons I’ve explained, but clearly the uncertainty around the UK’s future relationship with the EU is not helping companies like ours to plan for the future.”

I'm sure that if the UK had any major manufacturing industry left with production based overseas, you'd be shouting that they should close their overseas production and shrink back homewards. That appears to be what the Japanese companies are doing.

Jaguar and Landrover are no longer UK owned.

Airbus' major immediate problem is due to Emirates cancelling orders for A380s. Airbus to scrap A380 Long term, there's always been the probability that Airbus would move production east into cheaper areas of the EU.

In reality, no jobs are 100% safe, with the motor and aero industries particularly susceptible to change.

I sincerely hope you don't, but if you waken up tomorrow and find yourself severely constipated, will you blame that on Brexit too?

  Quickbeam 02:33 19 Feb 2019

Well that's a suitably predictable answer!

  Quickbeam 07:23 19 Feb 2019

The unofficial word from Japan (Japan doesn't want to make any political view on Brexit) via the BBC correspondent in Japan, is that it is very much Brexit related in that our gateway access into Europe is key to any continued investment.

That, combined with expected future tariff free exports into the EU direct from Japan, have been the deciding factors in bringing this decision forward.

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