How is the weather with you?

  Aitchbee 22:05 07 Dec 2017

The West of Scotland is set for ten days of dry, sunny and zero degrees C average temperature and not much wind.

  wee eddie 18:43 10 Dec 2017

Ayrshire: I have just taken the Taxi off the road.

All the main roads are fine, gritted and salted, but the moment you get off them and onto a side road or back street, anywhere the sun has shone today could potentially be sheet ice. Not worth it

  Govan1x 19:08 10 Dec 2017

Brother in law has now boarded the plane and it is getting ready for take off. I dropped him off at the airport at 5.15 this morning and he still has a 4 hour flight in front of him.

he just came from South Africa yesterday which must have taken about 12-14 hours then to get stuck in Birmingham for another 14 hours. Well at least that's him on his way at last.

  Aitchbee 20:30 10 Dec 2017

Witnessed a wonderful, panoramic view today at about 2pm [once the foggy mists had been burned away by the blazing sunshine, in a now azure blue sky] from my sister's 11th floor flat near Hampden. All of the tree-tops were coated in a silvery grey mantle.

  Belatucadrus 00:04 11 Dec 2017

Well we've only just got the mains back, trees weighed down with snow were shorting out the power lines, poor sods from Western power end up wading through the snow at night wielding chainsaws by lamplight, what a job.

Just glad Dad installed a generator, it sat quietly in it's box doing sod all for some years but did a fine job when needed.

  Govan1x 09:02 11 Dec 2017

Just thought that I would add but slightly off subject.

Brother in law saga. His plane last night was set to be defrosted before take off. Sat in the plane for 3.5 hours then was told plane could not land at Lanzarote as the airport was closed at night.

So same plane took him to Gran Canaria and landed at 3.30 this morning. They were all booked into a hotel and were supposed to be picked up at 8.30 to take them to the airport and on to Lanzarote but that got cancelled to 10.30 so with a bit of luck he should be in Lanzarote some time this afternoon.

What a nightmare at Birmingham at 5.15 am yesterday and getting back Lanzarote some time this afternoon is quite a trip. Just glad it was not me.

Just one of those things but it could have been avoided as we did warn him that snow was forecast for yesterday but he had booked the flight while in South Africa.

At least it will be a lot warmer where he is now.

  morddwyd 09:35 11 Dec 2017

More wall to wall sunshine. Have yet to see a single flake!

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