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How was your online shopping this Christmas?

  David Price 15:43 23 Dec 2010

In a previous poll (click here) we found that about 70 percent of us did at least some of our Christmas shopping online this year. How did you find this experience? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column, or use this direct link:

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  BT 08:17 24 Dec 2010

A problem with Amazon.
I ordered 2 Blue Ray DVDs on 2nd Dec which hadn't arrived after 10 days. Reported to Amazon was told to wait till the end of the week and the items arrived 3 days later. I suspect they hadn't dispatched them despite the Emails, especially as they then arrived within the normal delivery time.
Another Item ordered from an Amazon reseller arrived in 2 days.
Lloyds Pharmacy - 2 days.
7Dayshop - 4 days. I was amused by their postal pages. Free delivery in 3 - 5 days. "Express delivery (£4.95) ensures that your order is fast tracked through our warehouse but Royal Mail won't deliver it any quicker"

  Cara2 14:30 24 Dec 2010

Amongst others, I have ordered from Amazon and John Lewis - everything has arrived.

John Lewis - I ordered 23.45 Wednesday evening and it arrived today, Christmas Eve - now that was a nice surprise!

  Noldi 16:50 31 Dec 2010

I did a limited amount of shopping on line and after this year’s experience I will not buy on line next year.

As the in-laws are getting more house bound we decided that as the TV reception was not great in their area we would get them a dish and freesat box.
We arranged a date with a man to remove old Arial and install a dish and run new cables to the TV points. We had 2 weeks so I ordered a nice new Freesat box with hard drive recorder online through a company I have used before and it was dispatched that day. A courier tried to deliver 1.12.2010 and despite it being mention on the delivery note, if no reply please leave parcel with neighbour at house number 48, despite the neighbour being home all that day the item was not delivered just a ticket in my letter box. After many phone calls and going to the depot still no freesat box. The only contact I can get is if you stand at the door of the courier company and keep your finger on the door bell for about 5 mins then somebody answers the intercom giving a bit of useless information. Next time I will pay £25 more and go to curries.

But at the end of the day some courier company’s performed better than others. UPS being top of the league and City link being relegated


PS anybody wants my in-laws round for tea so they can watch TV.

  Forum Editor 17:28 31 Dec 2010

Have you had the 'order has been despatched' email?

If you have, the package is almost certainly with Royal Mail, unless for some reason Amazon used a courier.

  Forum Editor 17:40 31 Dec 2010

Once the package leaves Amazon and enters the postal system there's little you or Amazon can do, unless it doesn't turn up. There are lots of packages still in parcel depots. I imagine it will arrive soon, but if it doesn't, get on to Amazon

  Devil Fish 23:15 31 Dec 2010

did none online this year due to delivery concerns ie weather. Normally most if not all would be done online

  Forum Editor 00:53 01 Jan 2011

Kindles are usually sent via Royal Mail, the package isn't very big.

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