How Unfortunate Cows killed?

  Autoschediastic 20:12 15 Jun 2009

Wow i just had to thread this i found it very strange? & that must of had some serious power.

click here

  canarieslover 20:13 15 Jun 2009's the ultimate barbeque.

  Bingalau 20:15 15 Jun 2009

Yes what a shame, I have also just posted a link to this in the "Lightening in Wiltshire" Thread.

  [email protected] 20:16 15 Jun 2009

never heard of that before.

  octal 20:17 15 Jun 2009

It's all to do with voltage gradient:

Voltage Gradient- The surge of voltage through the ground raidially outward from the lightning strike point. The voltage gradient can
electrocute anyone standing on the ground close to a lightning strike. This is often how lightning injuries occur to people or animals who are near a lightning strike but are not directly hit. The reason that standing under or near a tree during a storm is dangerous is due mainly to the voltage gradient. Even if the main lightning channel flows entirely through or along the tree and does not jump over and hit whoever is standing there, the resulting huge surge of current through the ground surrounding the tree will give a nasty shock to anyone touching the ground nearby. The reason the term 'gradient' is used is because the voltage in the ground is lower with increasing distance from the strike point.

From here: click here

  [email protected] 20:18 15 Jun 2009

my uncle however as a child was stuck under the same tree twice within 5 years (and they say it never happens.)
sadly he died a very fit man aged only 34 heartattack. wonder if it was related? he didnt smoke was a milkman and played sport.

  octal 20:21 15 Jun 2009

Yes, an electric shock can interfere with the heart rhythm.

  Legolas 20:42 15 Jun 2009

The sight of my phone bill has the exact same effect on me ;0

  octal 20:46 15 Jun 2009


  Forum Editor 20:48 15 Jun 2009

on weather phenomena, and one of them was devoted to thunderstorms. You would be amazed at some of the weird things lightning can do.

  Autoschediastic 21:23 15 Jun 2009

FE care to enlighten us a bit.? links/info pls...

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