How times have changed.......

  LastChip 13:37 21 Dec 2014

.....for the better.

Just sorting through some old archived receipts that are now related to obsolete or just plain broken equipment, I came across a receipt dated 10/01/01 for two sticks of 128MB SDRAM (256MB total) for a cost of £87.98 + £9.95 handling + VAT. Total cost - £117.51!

A quick scan of Crucial reveals, today that would buy you - 16GB of DDR3 for only 8p more - including VAT and delivered free. And if you went to a reseller, you're likely to get it for the same price or less (generally, resellers are a few pence less).

Computer components must be one of the few things in the world that actually cost less year on year, or are better value, depending on how you look at it.

Happy days!

  spuds 15:08 21 Dec 2014

Wasn't it also about that time, when RAM was a scarce commodity, and the prices were changing daily.

Early morning queues are still the normal for the latest gizmos, but didn't this also apply with Sinclair products and the waiting list for those.

Prices might be different, but the waiting still isn't :O)

  AroundAgain 15:29 21 Dec 2014

I remember getting my very first USB memory stick - 1Gb - wow, that was such a vast amount in a small (3") stick!!!

I can't remember what year I would have bought it - too long ago, but I remember it cost me around £75, which was a very significant amount of money, of course. I still use it - on principle!


  Diemmess 18:01 21 Dec 2014

for LastChip particularly

Technomatic (London address) 9/9/91

2 MYA005 SIMMS 1 MB X 9-100NS £68.00 + £5 post TOTAL INVOICE £85.78

Can't be sure but perhaps without the extra RAM there was a smigeon of RAM on board which served

  Aitchbee 22:06 21 Dec 2014

Eeee-by-gum; when I wer' a [working] lad, [back in 1985] I gladly 'stumped up' over a £150 for a 256kB memory-expansion-card to plug into my newly acquired Amiga 1000 computer [it plugged very neatly into the front slot] ... 'cos money was as-cheap-as-chips in 'em days :o]

  BillSers 04:52 22 Dec 2014

Off note I know, but the first computer I got was an Apple Mac in the early 80s with 40mb hard drive and the laser printer had 1mb of ram.

  Batch 12:14 23 Dec 2014


extra 1MB of ram for new Dell PC = £450+VAT (and I still have the invoice)

  LastChip 19:57 23 Dec 2014

Batch, that's got to take some beating. In 1988, VAT was 15%, so a total of; £517.50 for 1MB!

  bumpkin 22:43 23 Dec 2014

My sister was the first one to bring one into the household about 1997ish some kind of tape recording thing, no idea what it was called but she spent hours on it.

  BillSers 04:44 24 Dec 2014

2BillSers Wow! That`s actually amazing!

I know, I still wake up in total amazement even today.

  Batch 09:59 24 Dec 2014

Just realised that it wasn't £450+VAT for 1MB of RAM in 1988, but £490+VAT

See click here. Third line of detail (2 x 512KB @ £245 each).

Boy, I must have been mad to shellout that!

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