How times have changed

  canarieslover 20:39 06 Oct 2008

Just having a sort out of old paperwork and I came across an invoice dated 19/12/1990 from Dan Technology Ltd.
Computer - 20Mhz 286 1Mb memory 1x3 1/2" Drive 1x5 1/4" Drive 40Mb Hard Drive 12" Mono Monitor Mouse MS Dos 4.01 & GW Basic Total Price including VAT at 10% = £951.05. This was my first PC after several years of Spectrum. And I thought it was really fast, especially with that 'massive' hard drive. What speed could I get for that nowadays?

  Jak_1 20:47 06 Oct 2008

My first one after using an Amstrad PCW was a packardBell 486 SX, 200MB hdd, 8MB RAM14 inch colour monitor, mouse and keyboard, DOS 6 and Windows 3.11. Cost £1000

  interzone55 20:55 06 Oct 2008

Since moving up to PCs from an Amigo each PC has cost exactly £999.

First was a Commodore P75 with 8mb ram 1gb HDD, a quad speed CD-ROM, Windows 95, 14" colour monitor and Olivetti colour inkjet.

Next was a Time AMD K6-500 with 64mb RAM, 30gb HDD, DVD-ROM, Windows 98, 17" TFT, Epson 640 colour printer.

After that was a Tiny 2Ghz P4, 80gb HDD, DVD-RW, XP Home. No monitor or printer

Next couple of PCs were home builds.

Now I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop with Core2Duo CPU, 17" wide screen & Vista.

As Bill Gates said, if car technolgy & prices had changed the same way as PCs a Rolls Royce would now cost the same as a Mini - but you wouldn't want a Blue Screen of Death in a Rolls Royce...

  Si_L 21:31 06 Oct 2008

In 10 years from now, people will be laughing at TB hard drives and quad core processors. It goes to show how far and how fast the computing world goes along.

  peter99co 22:33 06 Oct 2008

operating 12MHz 640K Std plus 7 slots for expansion and can handle up to 4 floppy disk drives and a total of 40 and 80 mb of hard disc space.

Taken from an advert in the Daily Telegraph

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