How time flies..

  Chas49 16:39 14 Sep 2008

when you are at your computer.

I realised today that I have been using computers now for 26 years - one day I hope to understand them g>

How many years have you been pounding away?

  rdave13 16:48 14 Sep 2008

Not enough ;) as it's a hobby.

  The Old Mod 17:05 14 Sep 2008

Same as you 26 years.

  wiz-king 17:15 14 Sep 2008

Not exactly pounding away but using a 'computing integrator' for gas liquid chromatography for 38 years.A large beast with many valves and a 10 digit Nixie tube display. It used a Creed 75 as an in/out device, a very odd device indeed.

  Chas49 17:33 14 Sep 2008

The Old Mod: Snap!

Wiz-King: Wow! 38 years!

rdave13: Addictive, isn't it! So much so that I have to remember that is necessary to sleep etc.

  rdave13 17:48 14 Sep 2008

Sleep eh? I don't allow my PC to sleep so why should I? ZX Speccy the first I used and hooked ever since.
Strangely enough I keep clear of them at work, plead ignorance... 8-)

  peter99co 17:48 14 Sep 2008

I started with an IBM Golf Ball printer connected by Telephone Modem which by a local call to a base station linked to a satellite. The link was to a Mainframe in Chicago and allowed us to use the system during their off time (The time difference of the USA and GB).

All this was from 1972.

  Bingalau 18:45 14 Sep 2008

I think of myself as a newcomer/learner, but have just realised I have been using this one now for nine years. As you said "time certainly flies".

  laurie53 19:33 14 Sep 2008

I started with a Speccy way back when, but in fact I had a Sinclair Programmeable Calculator (anyone remember them?) long before that, which I suppose counts as a computer, of sorts .

  Chas49 19:42 14 Sep 2008

rDave13: Good old Clive Sinclair - that was my first venture into computing too. What was it - ZX80 or 81? That led to a TRS 80, a Sanyo (which was stolen by a burglar - may he rot in you no where!), a Ferranti, Dell and so on. The latest being a HP Slimline 3315 - good things come in small packages?

Good idea not doing it at work - preserve your hobby!

I can see that I could be regarded as a newcomer when compared to Peter99co and Wiz-King. Moe power to your elbow

  DANZIG 20:58 14 Sep 2008

I was 12 when I got my first 'proper' computer, a ZX81 (upgraded to a Speccy 48K after that!).

That makes it 23 years!

Before that though I had a games 'console' that played tennis and squash type games.

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