How tidy are your charger cables at home?

  simonjary 19:12 25 Feb 2015

How tidy are your charger cables?

We have some cable-tidy tips but want to know if you have any advice for keeping the ever-increasing number of cables at home under control.

Or who has the messiest or largest cable collection?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:41 25 Feb 2015

the 10 Rules for chargers and cables:-

  1. No matter how many chargers you have, you will not be able to find the one you need when your gadget needs charging.

  2. A new gadget will not come with a charger, especially if bought from Amazon.

  3. None of the chargers you possess will be the correct voltage or polarity for your new gadget!!

  4. When you need to charge your gadget, every socket in the house will be in use.

  5. Your gadget will take longer to recharge than to discharge whist using.

  6. Charger cables automatically tie themselves into a Gordian knot

  7. Charger cables are so long you keep tripping over them.

  8. Charger cables are so short you cannot place the gadget in a safe position near socket, so your gadget is on the floor where someone steps on it.

  9. Chargers breed so your storage draw soon reaches overflowing.

  10. Kids chargers have priority so your gadget is gaurenteed to be unplugged 5 mins after putting on charge.


  Aitchbee 22:02 25 Feb 2015

I save and re-use the little sticky plastic 'best before' labels that keep sliced-bread fresh ... the 'see-through' bread bags can also be used to keep cables in.

  Forum Editor 22:19 25 Feb 2015

"who has the messiest or largest cable collection?"

I think I might well qualify on both counts. The person who comes up with a universal charger, and persuades device manufacturers to adopt a common charging connector will deserve the Nobel prize for contributions to human sanity.

  wee eddie 22:26 25 Feb 2015

I have one of those spikes that one puts Kitchen Roll onto. Then, when the charging has been done, the cable is wrapped around my hand with the end looped a couple of times and popped onto the post. I've got 7 or 8 on it at the moment and each has a label on it. One of those Avery envelope labels stuck to itself

  wee eddie 22:30 25 Feb 2015

The disorganised bit is the pile of transformers, but at least each has a label

  exdragon 23:29 25 Feb 2015

Perfect timing, Simon. I've just been trying to persuade my other half that we desperately need to sort out all this stuff and having just bought the iClever travel wall charger, it's the ideal time to invest in sufficient short cables which means that we're not fighting over who has charging rights! Not to mention a bag to keep it all in so I can't be blamed if the one cable I haven't packed is the only one he needs. Either that, or tell him that, in these days, it isn't always the woman's job to do the packing! Now all I need to do is tell him to ditch several dozen extra long cables he's been hoarding over the years.

  BT 08:53 26 Feb 2015

Mine all have a label from my Casio label machine to identify them.

What concerns me is the many people who leave them plugged in and switched on even when no phone or whatever is connected.

  Quickbeam 08:53 26 Feb 2015

Is the corkscrew in the story cover picture indicative of the frustration caused?

  QuizMan 09:42 26 Feb 2015

Anyone need a parallel cable? I've got 3 of them.

  caccy 12:33 26 Feb 2015

I'm one of the worlds most disorganised people BUT all our chargers are kept in "freezer bags" with the item it is used to charge written on the outside. In a bag means no tangled leads and not too much frustration.

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