How to test a link before posting?

  bumpkin 14:36 06 May 2014

Hi all, I've seen links that do not work or they go to something other than intended. bremner being a recent example and I have also done it before. I can copy and paste a URL into the reply box but it does not become a link until I have posted it by which time it is too late to correct. Is there a way of checking first that it is what is intended.

  bumpkin 15:21 06 May 2014

As simple as that well.....

  bumpkin 15:50 06 May 2014

wiz-king, I don't get a preview box most of the time, I don't have one now nor the options for bold etc that used to show.

  bumpkin 16:21 06 May 2014

Using FF with Adblock Plus. Removed some other add ons that had appeared from somewhere, now working, thanks.

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