How Strange

  carver 09:12 08 Sep 2008

It seems that I am now having my rubbish picked up in the middle of the night by a very nice woman in a newish (07 plate)silver Range Rover.

I happened to hear a banging noise outside the house at about 12.30 AM last night(Sunday/Monday morning)when I looked out I saw this woman parked next to the bins which where left on the street for collection Monday morning, we have our bins collected very early, about 6.00 AM.

She then closed the back door got in her car and did a 3 point turn and shot off down the road, any way this morning I was up early and decided to put the last of our rubbish in the bin, when I opened it every thing had gone.

Do you think that Sheffield council are upgrading their Bin wagons and nobody has told us.

  laurie53 09:13 08 Sep 2008

She's probably involved in a domestic with her husband and has dumped it in the back of his Merc!

  peter99co 09:28 08 Sep 2008

I hope you have not put any personal paperwork in the bin.

Identity theft can begin with items stolen from our bins.

  carver 09:45 08 Sep 2008

If that is the case he's going to have one very bad smelling car.

All our paper work is shredded into very small pieces and put in a separate bin, this is whats so strange.

And theirs me thinking the council were wasting our money on better bin wagons.

  birdface 09:55 08 Sep 2008

Maybe getting her own back on her old man with all the trash he he takes back.

  birdface 09:58 08 Sep 2008

That was supposed to be a He and not he he.

  spuds 10:39 08 Sep 2008

Now you can look at this in various ways.

(1)The local council have appointed 'bin police', whose sole task is to monitor what you the rate payer puts in your bins, and whether it contravenes any regulations the council seems fit to administer!.

New Range Rover, sounds about right for an hard-up council employee or contractor on expenses and mileage costs.

(2) A television documentary on recycling or fraud prevention!.

(3)MI5, Police,Private Investigator or 'get rich quick' fraud merchant, having a field day!.

(4) Fly tipper or someone that you have upset, seeking revenge!.

(5) A collector of antiques or collectibles!.

  Si_L 11:00 08 Sep 2008

"(4) Fly tipper or someone that you have upset, seeking revenge!."

By taking your rubbish away for you?!

  peter99co 11:15 08 Sep 2008

Did you remember the Reg no because you could tell the police you have had your rubbish stolen.

They might reassure you if the number is traced

They can be called without ringing 999 which might wind them up a bit.

  Cymro. 11:29 08 Sep 2008

With such things as identity theft all the rage these days you may do well to cover yourself now in case of future problems. So check bank statements etc. for the next few months. Even though you have shredded most of your paper work it is still best to be cautious.

It would be a good idea to ask around to try and find out if something similar has happened to someone else around your way. Try and get the local newspaper or even the local T.V. station interested. They might like to do an item on it on a slow news day. This might bring an answer to what on Earth is going on.

  spuds 11:31 08 Sep 2008

As the law stands, if any items 'belonging' or 'identifiable' to you or any person are dumped or fly tipped, then possibly expect a visit,letter or fine from the appropriate authority.

Even using an unlicensed house clearer or skip merchant can have further or later repercussions.

Revenge or spite can have many avenues!.

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