How secure is your password.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:34 18 Aug 2013

This site is quite interesting. Check Password.

A password I have used on more than one forum would take nearly 48 years to crack seemingly, even if anyone would want to,which I doubt.

  Nontek 08:41 18 Aug 2013

Hmm, mine is supposed to be 27 Trillion Years! Even then they would not find anything remotely interesting.

  Brumas 08:43 18 Aug 2013

Just out of curiosity I tried one of mine and the result was 230 sextillion years!!!! admittedly it is 28 digits long and only used for one particular folder.

  Brumas 08:45 18 Aug 2013

Oh, I hasten to add, the contents would bore the pants of a hacker should he succeed in cracking it.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:25 18 Aug 2013

My password comes out at about 63 million years, which I can live with. I think there's far more risk of a password being stolen via spyware than cracked though.

Interestingly enough about the site though, was the results if you kept on randomly entering characters. Lots of strange names for large numbers, that I never knew existed bast a trillion. I wonder if they've been invented for the future national debt!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:14 18 Aug 2013

However all passwords can be crack relatively easily using a quantum computer.

  Aitchbee 10:48 18 Aug 2013

... would a quantum cracker be called a 'quacker' ... I wonder?

  lotvic 10:53 18 Aug 2013

Fruit Bat /\0/\ made me curious about a quantum computer and I found this explanation fascinating How Quantum Computers Work

  lotvic 12:28 18 Aug 2013

I find it hard to believe some of you. You didn't really put in "actual" passwords, did you? I guess that's one way of compiling a list. Hope you all looked up the details so you know who you've shared with - a guy based in Bristol who describes himself as a Javascript and PHP web developer.

  bumpkin 14:52 18 Aug 2013

"You didn't really put in "actual" passwords, did you?" No one here would do that Even I wouldn't be that stupid

  bumpkin 14:56 18 Aug 2013

"You didn't really put in "actual" passwords, did you?

No one here would do that. Even I am not that daft. It even tells you that it can steal your password but says it wont.

I may set up a similar site offering to check peoples PIN numbers. If they just enter their card number and PIN I can tell them how long before someone uses it 10mins.:-))

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