How Safe IS YOUR Job.?

  24/7 00:14 16 Oct 2008

friend of mine was rubbing it in about the fact he's working & earning £2500+ per month some months ago as a Brick Layer, he stated he's got loadsa work that will last him late into next year,HOWEVER! thats just changed & he's now on his last week of his job then he looks set to claim for unemployment benefit for the first time in ten years...
ive noticed & so as everyone else there is a mega slowdown in nearly ALL sectors but are you in a secure job..?

Is your job safe..?

  crosstrainer 06:53 16 Oct 2008

It would seem I chose the right time to retire, although all my former staff are happy with the new owners, and not in fear of losing job's at present.

We have to face the fact that there WILL be job losses resulting from the general economic downturn / (R word)

I hope the fat cat banking sector who irresponsibily lent money to those unable to repay it suffer the most.

  GRIDD 10:19 16 Oct 2008

Quite safe, with an abundance of overtime too.

  recap 10:23 16 Oct 2008

Just been made unemployed and looking very hard for a new job.

  The Brigadier 10:46 16 Oct 2008

Very safe, unless war is declared illegal over night!

  Noldi 11:27 16 Oct 2008

Im not in the UK so I think I am quite safe at the moment work wise, touch wood.


  donki 11:43 16 Oct 2008

Civil Service so I should be ok! :)

  interzone55 12:36 16 Oct 2008

We're OK at the moment, with orders trickling in.

We're doing quite a lot of work with contractors on the Government's Building Schools For The Future projects, and London 2012, so things look a little rosy...

  spuds 12:41 16 Oct 2008

It's surprising how people think their jobs are fully protected and very secure. Perhaps the staff at Lehman's and many other similar respected companies thought that as well.

A number of years ago, the building trade was always known for 'lay-offs'especially around Christmas time, but this decreased on the expansion of the property market. My near neighbours lad who as just completed an apprenticeship in the building industry, as just had a 3 day week, reduced to a 2 day week. He's lucky, some of his previous colleagues have no job at all now, and are trying to seek work.

But as previous mentioned, the civil service or public sector might seem secure. And then again, a rather large 'but' in my area. The local council are looking at reducing staff in some areas, but appear to be still recruiting in 'non-jobs'!.

  Jak_1 13:01 16 Oct 2008

I'm glad I was able to retire early, very few jobs are safe now. I'm glad I'm not just starting out in my working life, it must be a worrying time for shoolleavers!

  rawprawn 13:41 18 Oct 2008

Very safe, best job I have ever had, but the pay is lousy.

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