How ridiuclous can you get

  Kevscar1 07:41 17 Nov 2012

Evidently they are considering passing a law to ban teenagers carrying passengers who are not part of their family. How many thousands are still driving around texting and talking on their mobile this would be yet another unenforcable law

  wiz-king 08:29 17 Nov 2012


  Al94 09:13 17 Nov 2012

It's a good idea, something has to be tried to reduce the amount of fatalities among young drivers.

  morddwyd 11:21 17 Nov 2012

"how impossible it is control a teenager especially once they get to be an adult at 18."

I didn't find it impossible, either before or after he was 18.

Properly reasoned guidance and discussion should be sufficient, if you have done enough in the early years.

My son, now nearly fifty has never driven any of my cars, except one five mile trip, with me, just after he passed his test, si that he could experience the difference of driving an automatic.

Mind you, he's over revved the guts out of some of my motor bikes!

  Aitchbee 11:35 17 Nov 2012

Grown-up Top Gear presenters Clarkson, Hammond & May amazingly always turn into adolescants when they sit behind the driving-wheel of anything [road vehicle] that moves a sidgeon faster than a dinky toy.

  Grey Goo 11:53 17 Nov 2012

There seems to be a sweeping assumption that all youngsters have responsible parents or that they even know who their parents are.

  carver 12:09 17 Nov 2012

"Are you saying that you are a parent but are completely incapable of governing the behaviour of your offspring?"

fourm member you are not a parent and never have been so you do not have the first idea about how to "govern" the behaviour of children.

Thinking about it neither do I, I can ask plead or beg and once they are out of site they will do what they want, you may not realise this but teenagers are a different species to any body that is over the age of 25.

But getting back to driving and trying to impose a ban on giving lifts, the police would have to stop any car with more than 1 person in it if the driver looks less than 30, or 40, or 60 just in case they had only just passed their test, another idea that is not only stupid but a waste of money.

It's the same when people say that drivers who text while driving are stupid, sorry they are already stupid and all they are doing is proving it.

  carver 12:13 17 Nov 2012

A little bit here enter link description here about why teenager brains are different to an adults.

  Kevscar1 13:09 17 Nov 2012

If we didn't have those rebellious teenage years which some parents could't control the only music playing on the radio woild be mozart and bach Elvis would have been a roadsweeper mind you there wouldn't have been garage insert B and rap preceed with c music

  carver 13:54 17 Nov 2012

fourm member the argument does not carry any merit, it matters nothing that you try to ban inexperienced drivers from carrying passengers, all it will do is make the 6 months to 1 year of driving more dangerous.

You learn to drive the moment you pass your test and passing an unenforceable law is worse than not having it, if you drive with out a seat belt or use a mobile while driving they are both visible from the outside.

Some drivers are just stupid no matter how old they are when they pass their test so at what age would this law start from and at what age would it expire.

As I said the police would have to stop every driver who had a passenger no matter what age.

And as far as my son's or daughter are concerned I would be mortified if they had an accident caused by some one else but this is life and you can not stop accidents, they happen every day of the year.

  morddwyd 14:22 17 Nov 2012

It's about as stupid as the law which says learner drivers must display L plates and be supervised.

Next time you're out count the number of cars wit L plates and only the driver inside.

Then the next two hundred times you're out count how many of these cars are stopped by the police for a licence check.

It's a simple moneyspinner. It won't make the roads any safer, but will allow for bigger fines in the event of an accident and allow insurance companies to opt out of paying up because the driver is, if carrying prohibited passengers, in effect unlicensed, and therefore uninsured.

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