How to restore an old coffee table.

  Brumas 12:31 10 Apr 2016

I have just saved this small table destined for the tip (my neighbour had it by her dustbin and was amazed that I wanted it) but now I just need to know how to restore it to its former glory. If anyone has done this sort of thing before I would be grateful for step by step instructions, and a list of materials and equipment, because the only wooden thing I have restored is a small polished box which was in reasonable condition to start with!

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  Belatucadrus 12:43 10 Apr 2016

What exactly do you mean by "restore", do you want to use appropriate materials to put it as close as possible to original condition or strip it down give it a coat of varnish and just have a nice wooden table you can use ?

  Brumas 13:03 10 Apr 2016

Belatucadrus, the latter.

  lotvic 13:39 10 Apr 2016

I'd start with Nitromors All-Purpose Paint & Varnish Remover

  Belatucadrus 13:55 10 Apr 2016

I'd probably end up going the same route but I'd start off giving it a good clean with a soap solution. Get off decades of grot and see what's their to work with.

  lotvic 14:11 10 Apr 2016

I agree with Belatucadrus, good scrub with soapy water first. Also take off any metal bits - hinges etc if susceptible to rusting.

  Brumas 14:34 10 Apr 2016

Thanks guys, this is just a 'project' for when I'm at a loss for something to do - I might not start it for a while but now at least I know exactly how to proceed.

  bumpkin 14:50 10 Apr 2016

As suggested by others to start with. I can't tell from the photo what wood it is but it looks like it is fairly light underneath. Once stripped you may may need to give the top a good sanding to remove any scratches. A few coats of varnish to your desired finish and you will have a decent table. Tedious time consuming job but a satisfying project.

  BRYNIT 15:02 10 Apr 2016

You tub will have various videos on how. This one will give you an idea of what to do CLICK HERE

  Brumas 15:07 10 Apr 2016

BRYNIT, good link, thanks.

  Old Deuteronomy 15:53 10 Apr 2016

I would be inclined to go with clean it, strip it, give it a light sand, wax it, then show the neighbour what she could have done!

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