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  Forum Editor 23:18 02 Jun 2012

I'm sorry that some of you have experienced problems with starting a new thread - over the past 24 hours or so you may have been confronted with a message telling you that you must use at least five words in your thread title.

This was a new feature that we introduced rather hurriedly, and it hasn't worked as well as we had hoped. For that reason we are going to disable it, and revert to our previous system, at least in the short term. I'm hoping that will happen very soon, but it's a weekend, and that may mean it takes a little longer.

In the meantime, try to use a five-word thread title, and all should be well. Thanks for your patience while we sort this out.

  finerty 23:26 02 Jun 2012

its the weekend and there are 2 public bank holidays to consider as well

  Brumas 23:31 02 Jun 2012

Forum Editor well, whatever you, and the boys in the backroom did, it worked - let's hope it will remain gremlin-free for the rest of the holidays.

  simonjary 07:38 03 Jun 2012

The idea behind this was to get more descriptive thread titles to make searching easier - both for users and search engines.

At present we merely suggest longer titles, but we're considering moving to a slightly stronger rule to ensure the title says a little more than just "Help!" or "Browser problem".

Any suggestions warmly received.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the long weekend!


Publisher, PC Advisor

  BT 08:47 03 Jun 2012

If this has to be could I suggest a MAXIMUM length as well. I find I tend to skip over the threads with very long titles. Don't know why, perhaps I just get bored with reading them. With shorter titles its easy to skim down the list and pick the ones that interest me, the longer ones tend to get ignored.

  Chegs ®™ 12:08 03 Jun 2012

Wonder how long it will be before the thread title's Help,Help,Help,Help,Help appear. :)

  BT 17:56 03 Jun 2012

Chegs ®™

They'll probably invoke the 'Amazon Review' rules where you have to use at least 20 words, but repeated words don't count so you have to actually write considerably more than 20.

  Woolwell 21:02 03 Jun 2012

The complaint that I have is that it was introduced hurriedly, without any announcement and just before a long bank holiday weekend during which it would be difficult to make corrections.

  rdave13 22:07 03 Jun 2012

simonjary, Google gives a much better search of your forums than your search box. If you want to search the forums then search out side of the site quoting pcadvisor+ in a search engine.

  QuizMan 22:46 03 Jun 2012

I thought tags were intended to improve searching. Why does having 5 words in the title help with that?

  Forum Editor 00:08 04 Jun 2012

rdave13 and QuizMan

Longer thread titles should give us a more detailed search capability inside the site,and on Google.

Searching for 'Spreadsheet mess!!!!!' is not likely to produce such an accurate return as 'Help needed with Excel formulae'

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