How old is Psychology?

  anchor 15:33 24 May 2010

As a scientific discipline it is probably about 130 years old.

However, according to the Universities of Central Lancashire and Austin Texas, it is much, much older.

I was working at my local University today and saw this notice. It says that the 795th annual health psychology meeting is to be held in Preston tomorrow. The first meeting must have held the same year King John signed Magna Carta.

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  peter99co 15:48 24 May 2010

I think Eve was using Psychology when she offered the apple to Adam.

  wiz-king 15:57 24 May 2010

It's a ploy - put in any obviously wrong number and you will notice it .... and remember - that psychology for you.

  Forum Editor 17:50 24 May 2010

Psychiatry came along much more recently, however.

  spuds 20:06 24 May 2010

I wonder when the Conspiracy factor came into being! ;o)

  anchor 08:48 25 May 2010

"Psychology is as old as the human race".

Of course, you are correct. However, as a scientific discipline, studied at colleges and Universities, it is much less.

As I said, something in the region of 130 yrs; (according the the psychol: profs at the University).

  michaelw 09:19 25 May 2010

130 years ago and Sigmund Freud would have been about 24 years old. Many consider he was the father of psychotherapy which is inexorably linked to psychology.

He started out as a neuroligist and almost by accident discovered how the unconscious mind worked.

At that time he began to uncover that people with stress problems would unconsciously say Freudian Slips, or parapraxes. This led him on the path to dream work and all his theories on the various ego states.

At that time all the psychology experts were floundering about in the dark, and it was he who really led everyone along a different path.

His work has since been refined and his students came up with their own theories, like Jung.

A flawed human being, debunked by many, Freud at least opened up entirely new avenues of exploration of how we think and act, and why.

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