How often do you replace your PC?

  PC Advisor 14:31 01 Mar 2010

How often do you replace your PC?

  WhiteTruckMan 14:36 01 Mar 2010

for the last 12 years.

In that time it's had 7 new motherboards, 8 new cpu's, 5 graphics cards, 14 hard drives of various sizes, several gigs worth of memory, 3 cd/dvd writers and 1 floppy disk drive.

I have no plans to replace it, as its lasting quite well!


  peter99co 14:42 01 Mar 2010

A bit like Triggers brush then ;-)

  Seth Haniel 14:46 01 Mar 2010

but the latest one is a bit like WTM's
never a month goes by without something needing replaced.
Dreading the next new one as PC's with XP are getting scarce.

  peter99co 14:46 01 Mar 2010

I have had a new one three times in 10 years.
I have a bigger problem trying to dispose of working but outdated/slow/equipment.

  Quickbeam 14:51 01 Mar 2010

3/4 years...ish.

  canarieslover 14:55 01 Mar 2010

My XP machine is now six years old and has only had a memory and hard disk upgrade in all that time. My Vista machine has just celebrated it's first birthday in Germany being repaired by Medion. I don't think that is going to get to six years old without more remedial work on it. My son is still using an old Athlon machine that I built in 2000 and again it has only had memory and hard drive upgrades in that time. It's still running Win 2K Pro and Office 95 because he doesn't need anything more up to date.

  Seth Haniel 15:03 01 Mar 2010

outlasts them all - and gets a monthly bi-monthly outing when I'm away.

  Labdweller 15:09 01 Mar 2010

I don't.

Like a few others, I upgrade components which are outdated or stop working. If the system is no longer economical to upgrade or I get something new, I pass the old one to someone in my family :)

Their old PCs are currently in the phase of being attached to various TVs around the house.

  sunnystaines 15:29 01 Mar 2010

on my 4th pc

first bought when win 95 [pentium 90]came out

2nd [a gateway]when win98 [pentium 3 500]came out and to increase performance

3rd built myself [pentium 4 3ghz]to speed up XP too sluggish on the gateway

present built myself [ci7 quad]due to lightning strike or electrical surge blowing the 3rd one.

  MAT ALAN 15:30 01 Mar 2010

bought ME time machine 1999 then seperates, XP home back in 2002 upgraded PSU/memory/added extra HDD and has served me well...
no plans to change for the moment...

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