How much is your pint?

  Clapton is God 12:12 07 Oct 2010

As we know there have always been regional variations in the price of a pint of beer.

An interesting survey click here now tells us that you can pay as much as £5 for a pint in a London-style bar (whatever one of those is. Presumably somewhere that people with more money than sense go drinking).

Alternatively you can go to Wetherspoons where you can still buy a pint of real ale for less than £2 even in London.

So, the message is to stick to real ale (as opposed to the fizzy, frozen, tasteless gnat’s urine referred to as lager).

Wetherspoons has always been my preferred drinking venue. What do others think?

  Al94 12:28 07 Oct 2010

Great Guinness in my local at £2.90 per pint - there's a Wetherspoons not too far away but sadly it's the sort of place frequented by those barred from other local pubs!

  interzone55 12:34 07 Oct 2010

Wetherspoons seems to have two types of pubs.

There's the pubs frequented by all the alcoholics who used to drink in the pubs forced to close when Wethersponns moved in selling beer far cheaper than a tied pub can manage.

And then there's the pubs that are more like cafe's serving cheap beer.

Some towns have both types.

My local, The Regal Moon, has a brilliant local beer called Wobbly Bob, it's 6% and only £1.80 a pint. They also serve Guinness at £2.49 a pint, or it's included in the price of a lunchtime burger.

It's a bit of a shock when you wander into a different pub and end up paying £2.75 for ale 7 £3.25 for Guinness...

  Covergirl 12:34 07 Oct 2010

Kronenberg is tasty, so is Peroni. Carlsberg tastes of Carlsberg and Stella is a bit sweet but goes down easy.

I occasionally have a pint of the real stuff at 'Spoons and at last count it was about £1.50? a pint up here on the edge of the lake district.

I have been put off a bit after a couple of bad pints in 'Spoons. The trouble with real ale is that you're never sure whether it's "off" or just supposed to taste like that.

  OTT_B 12:35 07 Oct 2010

My former local sold house branded real ale at £2 per pint, and was very good to boot.

My current local is £2.50 per pint for a glass of mass produced bitter.

Hotel pints in the places I stay at (north east England) run up to £3.90 for a pint of Becks, which actually seems quite reasonable, all things considered.

  Clapton is God 12:38 07 Oct 2010

"The trouble with real ale is that you're never sure whether it's "off" or just supposed to taste like that"

But when you acquire a proper real ale 'palate' you'll know instantly whether it's off or not. ;-))

  Quickbeam 13:03 07 Oct 2010

£1.50/£2.0 depending on the brew.

My first pint was Stones at 18p in '74 when I was paid 22p per hour, so it's cheaper in real terms now.

  donki 13:14 07 Oct 2010

Here in NI its about £3.50 depending what your after, some places will still do pints at £1.50 if there is a football match or something on.

  Chris the Ancient 14:37 07 Oct 2010

I remember paying 1/10 (one shilling and ten pence - about 9p in today's money) in the NAAFI for a pint of Amstells Kingpin.

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