How much of your Christmas shopping are you doing online this year?

  PC Advisor 12:04 14 Dec 2010

Each year more and more of us turn to the web for a convenient way to to do our Christmas shopping. How much of your Christmas shopping are you doing online this year?

  Quickbeam 12:17 14 Dec 2010

There's no Christmas atmosphere without the Christmasy sights and smells of roasting chestnuts, mistletoe, tangerines, nuts, barefoot street urchins and X boxes a you stroll through the mall...

  Bingalau 12:19 14 Dec 2010

I have bought one item on line so far this year and it turned out to be faulty. I phoned the firm involved and a very nice man told me not to worry as he will send a free replacement immediately. It was a small electronic item costing me about ten quid. So I suppose it wasn't worth their while to bother to pick up an item which probably cost them a lot less from China. But never-the-less it was a nice gesture and I will be shopping with them again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 14 Dec 2010

everything ordered online from Amazon, Firebox and Play mid November...all delivered by end of November. No worries about parking or fighting through hysterical people and it saves hours. To be truthful, apart from grub. I hardly ever use a real shop in town and have not done so for nearly three years. I've ordered everything from freezers to plasma TVs online. These days there is never really any need to see an item before you buy. A little research and common sense tells you all you need to know.


  Picklefactory 12:24 14 Dec 2010

The lot, the Christmas crowds drive me mad and unfortunately, I am not organised enough to shop earlier in the year, so online is perfect for me.

  gengiscant 12:54 14 Dec 2010

I'm with' Picklefactory' on this one, I have done the lot.
From presents to tree and from cards to decorations.I will probably need to get some Christmas paper, but I am sure I have got some left over from last year. So with any luck, will not have left the comfort of my little abode and Christmas is sorted.
As I,unfortunately,cannot swallow solid food, the traditional Chistmas Dinner with all the trimmings will pass me by.

  ella33 12:58 14 Dec 2010

About three good offers on amazon should be on their way by the end of this week, wrapped. I have only done this twice before and last year one gift didn't turn up and I wasn't charged for it. (Had been assured that although stocks were low, they could supply it). The item was eventually purchased online from another booktore after Xmas, and arrived quickly. The offer was not as good as Amazon, neither was it free postage but on the other hand, it turned up. I was a bit put off by that but the other order was fine, so having been informed by email, that these have been dispatched, with a delivery date, I am crossing my fingers, that they do arrive ok.

To be honest, I find it more stressful than shopping and posting! Or even visiting! But it is important to order early and it can work quite well. That is my limited experience of gift buying online.

I can see the importance of online ordering for large items.

  interzone55 13:49 14 Dec 2010

I've ordered most of my girlfriend's gift's online - fortunately my work place has a very efficient goods-in department who accept staff deliveries and bring them too your desk.

My nephew & nieces gifts where mainly bought in store, to ensure I got exactly the correct items, don't want any tears on Christmas day.

Everything now bought with only two slight hiccups.

1) bought a couple of gifts from a certain famous adult "toys & clothes" site. I was a little concerned about getting it delivered to work, but was assured it was in plain wrap with the name of a shell company as the return address. Reassured I placed the order for delivery to work, but the goods didn't arrive at work - instead they were delivered by accident to someone else, who very apologetically drove round to work and handed them to me with a comment "she's a big girl".
2) Ordered a printed photo calendar from Vistaprint. Excellent service, good price, but they've nearly filled my inbox each day with "special offers for our best customers"

  Ex plorer 14:43 14 Dec 2010

Living in the country I search the Internet for all Christmas presents and purchase around 50% of them on line.

Presents that need to be looked at in more detail I will venture out to the shops and have a closer look at them especially if they are what I call expensive.

I have always bought myself a present at around this time of the year so what ever your hobby is go on spoil your self.

  tullie 15:15 14 Dec 2010

All my Xmas pressies have been bought online

  rawprawn 15:37 14 Dec 2010

About half

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