How much would you pay a month for a 100Mbps internet connection?

  PC Advisor 17:01 16 May 2012

We want to know what you think is an acceptable amount to pay for a 100Mbps superfast broadband connection.

Let us know in our poll.

Poll: How much would you pay a month for a 100Mbps internet connection?

  mobileman1953 17:04 16 May 2012

no more than £30 per month

  john bunyan 18:28 16 May 2012

My 9 - 10 Mbps woks fine for the things I need - including iPlayer. Unless you expect to use it for a lot of HD video, I do not know why such high speeds are needed. They should concentrate on a more universal move to 10Mpbs in all locations. I would pay a bit more, say £20 - £25

  Aitchbee 21:27 16 May 2012 arm and a leg...seriously.

  canarieslover 22:20 16 May 2012

Price would be very dependent on download limit rather than ultimate speed. What's the point of having that sort of speed if you can exceed your limit in a few hours?

  lotvic 23:10 16 May 2012

Spot on canarieslover and john bunyan, my thoughts exactly.

  Input Overload 23:50 16 May 2012

I pay around £30 a month for 100 with VM which I get. I get unlimited downloads, if I were to use torrents which I never do I could get my speed capped at peak times if I exceeded a set limit for that day, I've never had my speed capped. I'm quite happy to pay the amount I do & personally consider it money well spent.

  Quickbeam 08:05 17 May 2012

I've just had mine upgraded for free from 10mb to 20mb. 1mb is sufficient for my needs, so I wouldn't pay for anymore than the basic Virgin service costs.

  dms_05 08:13 17 May 2012

OpenReach announce 330 Mbps download / 20 or 30 Mbps upload.

Standard price £25/month. Intro offer £15/month.

Knocks the bottom out of the £17.99 for 5 Mbps offerings.

  cycoze 12:46 17 May 2012

£25 to £30 would be acceptable.

Would much prefer to see the whole country get a fully stable connection of say 20Mpbs first though! still on 2Mpbs here in the sticks, runs very haphazard speeds.

  wee eddie 12:48 17 May 2012

If they would guarantee to deliver more than 3MB, I might even consider offering a price

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