how much would you pay to have your car washed

  polish 19:11 05 Feb 2007

i run my own moblie car valeting service and iam just working out some new prices and was wondering what people are prepared to pay lately alot of people been saying is that all or your to cheap i have alot of regular customers so need to bear this in mind
here is a example of prices
wash and dry £5
wash and vac £10 plus windows £12
mini valet £25
iam not touting for work just a idea of what people pay
hope this does not go against forum rules

  Forum Editor 19:16 05 Feb 2007

provided you don't solicit business - and you haven't done that.

I currently pay £10 to have my car washed, vacuumed inside, windows cleaned inside, internal trim wiped over. I take the car to them, it's not a mobile service. I would happily pay a little more if someone came to me, but it's not easy to find someone good and reliable in my part of London.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:32 05 Feb 2007

Your wash and dry is too cheap..£7.50 would be better or just have wash and vac for £12. Ther eis not much time difference between a wash and dry and a wash and vac. If you are running a van and bearing in mind that you may have to travel a few miles between jobs, paying tax and supplying shampoo/conditioner etc. you need to earn a minimum of £25/hour so I would aim at the more expensive cars.

In fact you could have 2 price lists, one for practical Micra brigade etc, using normal products and one for the stuff global warming 'footballers wives' brigade using expensive products but spending 2 hours on the car. A friend of mine managed to get in at a local premiership ground and used to wash the players' cars whilst they were training, playing a game or at their homes and he was charging £60 6 years ago. I would aim for this type of market rather than the Vectra/Focus market although you could still do that when and if business is slow

To give you an idea, once a month I use a local, mobile valet guy who does a 4 part wash, dry, valet, all the rubber bits incl. door seals, polishes and feeds the walnut and leather seats, T-cuts any bits that need it, cleans glass inside and out, door jambs, vacuum etc., etc., for £60 and he normally charges £75. He uses Autoglym, Meguires and carnuba products which ain't cheap. He is booked solid for months.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:34 05 Feb 2007

PS...why not offer an 'at work' service where you clean the car whilst the owner is at work.

  Forum Editor 19:37 05 Feb 2007

Put him in touch, please.

  polish 19:46 05 Feb 2007

i already do an at work service i go wherever the customer is the amount of work is not the problem it normally to much weeks booked in advance i dont think a price increase will be a problem for 99% of my customers maybe its time to charge more for one off work but alot of mine is regular
gandalf not sure how much the area you live in reflects in the price dont think many people in my area would pay what you pay

  tullie 19:55 05 Feb 2007

Some people have got more money than sense

  polish 20:01 05 Feb 2007

some people have more money than sense? alot of my customers wether business people or not simply dont have time because of the hours they work and family commitments

  sean-278262 20:09 05 Feb 2007

polish why not just charge per hour or part of an hour. This would mean you can charge for how long it takes you to do rather than what you do.

Maybe a mean compromise. Prices on things such as wash which can be done easily, and then base things like t-cutting and the like on how long it takes. That way the customer feels they are getting value for money in only paying for how long you take. Something like 20p a minute or whatever doesnt sound as bad as say £3 more for the job.

Where abouts are you based? Never heard of mobile car washing. Sounds a good idea.

I do think your £5 for a wash and dry is a bit cheap. However I think it is more of a work it with your customers. Maybe print off some questionnaires and ask them a variety of things such as what they would like to be offered, how much the would pay for things. That way you get it from the horses mouths and know that the data is local to you.

  polish 20:12 05 Feb 2007

i live in ellesmere port which is about 7 miles from chester i will have been doing this for 9 yrs in july

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:23 05 Feb 2007

£5 for a wash and dry....max 2 per hour (but more likely 2 every 2 hours) IF they are near = £10/hour. This will not pay for your expenses. Offer a fuller, bespoke service for £40/£50 and you can do 2 every 3 hours = £80. Your problem is time and getting a number of cars in the same area at the same time. Offer a more intensive service and you will get much more money and then you can offer this to footie clubs etc. It doesn't matter where you are as there are expensive cars all over the shop and these owners are more likely to pay more money for more services. I'll have a word tomorrow with Terry who cleans my car but he is very territorial as he has got a niche market.

'Some people have got more money than sense'..not really, I used to take the car to a wash and valet (machine) once a week at £10 a throw = £40/month. The guy I use does a superb job and he uses some sort of resin polish so all I need do is chuck a bucket of water over it every week and the dirt falls off. I can assure you that the last car I sold achieved £1500 more than similar cars and there were 3 people fighting over it as it was in such good condition. I spent just over £1000 on valeting..Tullie, do the math. My present car will get a similar excess for the same amount of valeting...some people are not daft.


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