how much would a new roof cost?

  rickf 15:37 12 Feb 2019

Thinking of renovating the roof of my semi-detached, ie new battens and tiles. What should I expect to pay? Any info welcome.

  Pine Man 16:07 12 Feb 2019

About £5-6000 depending on materials

  rickf 17:07 12 Feb 2019

Thanks, that's what I was thinking. Do you know what the usual guarantee period is, 10,20?

  Forum Editor 18:31 12 Feb 2019

If you are replacing more than 25% of the total roof area, the building regulations may require you to upgrade the level of thermal insulation.

Talk to your local authority's building control department before you go ahead.

  Pine Man 18:55 12 Feb 2019

Do you know what the usual guarantee period is, 10,20?

The manufacturer of the materials should have them guaranteed for anything between 10 - 30 years. However the workmanship is a different matter and you would need to get the roofer to commit himself in your contract with him and for him to exhibit a backing for that guarantee but that will add to the cost.

  rickf 20:03 12 Feb 2019

Just had a quote for around £8500. More than I thought perhaps my semi has an extension. Waiting for other quotes sometime this week. All potential builders have very good testimonials. FE, info noted.

  wee eddie 20:12 12 Feb 2019

How can anyone give you an estimate the cost of a new roof, if they don't know the area to be covered, the height of the building, the pitch of the roof or the number of Chimneys/Dormer Windows or whatever.

  rickf 20:23 12 Feb 2019

They have seen it.

  rickf 20:24 12 Feb 2019

It's a standard 3 bed semi. I think that's what you mean.

  wee eddie 22:56 12 Feb 2019

I'm Irish, I'll do it for 5 but you'll have to sort the leaks yourself

  oresome 16:50 13 Feb 2019

With a semi I think it's important to know how the roofing will interface with your neighbours.

Assuming concrete tiles, if the tiling profile matches there isn't a problem and the run can just continue along but if not and mortar fillets or ridge tiles and such like are used to bridge the profile gap they are likely to fail in a short while.

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